A study on efficacy of antimiasmatic medicines in Urolithiasis

From the evaluation of results obtained after the statistical analysis of the pre-treatment and post-treatment disease intensity scores, it is obvious  that anti miasmatic medicines selected on the basis of the totality of  symptoms are highly effective in the management of Urolithiasis.

The   mental   generals   and   physical   generals   should   be   given   prime importance.

The tendency to the recurrence of calculi can be controlled/eradicated by  the exact simillimum

Psora and Sycosis are found to be the predominant miasms in urolithiasis

The other observed facts in this study are the maximum age incidence (40 to 50 years), sex incidence (83.33% males) highlights some of the risk factors of the disease

Antimiasmatic deep acting constitutional medicines like Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Stapysagria etc were found to be effective for controlling both the acute attacks and also for preventing  recurrence, when given after strict individualisation.

Many cases, which are recommended to do surgery, can be effectively  treated with homoeopathic constitutional medicine.

It can also be claimed that homoeopathy is far more cost effective when compared with expensive drugs and other procedures like lithotripsy used  in other systems of medicines

To conclude, limited reliability can only be guaranteed with such a study involving a chronic disease, with 30 cases, for two year period. A long term   follow-up   study   will   be   more   reliable   as   the   disease   is   exhibiting recurrence. Comparative studies involving other systems of medicine can also be accomplished with better results.

Download full paper : www.similima.com/pdf/antimisamatic-urolithiasis.pdf

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