A study on the efficacy of Homeopathic remedies in Urticaria

Dr. Sreedevi
Fr. Muller Homeopathic Medical College. Mangalore

GOD helps us in all out troubles, so that we are able to help those who, have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from GOD.

Skin is an organ on which we all take a greater or lesser pride, the one that receives the greatest amount of attention, the one for which more pains are taken to beautify and is adored than all others and this is the one in which any change is readily noticed and hence a relief is most promptly sought.

Urticaria is a hypersensitivity reaction caused by either external or an internal cause. The signs and symptoms sometimes annoy the patient to a greater extent and leads to both mental and physical disturbance.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is that these symptoms will have a effect on the psychic aspect of the patient. Since the manifestations are external, people are in a hurry to conceal the disease and hence go in for topical applications which take the disease further deep into the body.

Skin diseases have been earnestly treated by Homoeopathic medications for a long time with good results. Applying the vital principles of Homoeopathy and wholistic approach in skin diseases should not be considered as local diseases. The use of external application should be strictly avoided. These disease should be regarded as the ones resulting from internal derangement of vital force and disharmony and it should be treated with internal medicine.

To cure an urticaria case the basic pathology should be understood, so that the scope of Homoeopathy is known in these cases. This also entails the patient in maintaining the dosage and repetition schedule. A clear understanding of the cause of the disease helps the physician to be aware of the obstacles to cure the patient.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To study the effectiveness of acute as well as constitutional remedies in the treatment of urticaria.
  2. To illustrate the importance of wholistic approach

Survey of literature
Skin is synonymous with “life” in the phrase “to save my  skin”; human sensibilities are measured by “thin-skinned” or thick –skinned; a shallow person is “skin-deep” and a miser is a “Skin flint”; a friendly greeting is “give me a little skin” and an unfriendly feeling is “skin him alive”; relief is expressed by “the skin of my teeth”, unconcern by “no skin of my back’, and annoyance by “getting under my skin”. For some the skin is merely the body’s largest organ; to others, it is the most fascinating.

Urtiicaria is life threatening when it is a part of anaphylaxis. When angioedema involves the upper respiratory tract or when it is part of the systemic immune complex disease and is associated with more dire pathology such as meningo coccal septicaemia or lupus erythematosus. The later type of urticaria is recognized by its more persistent lesion lasting at least 1-2 days and often tender and often ultimately purpuric. It should be remembered that all acute urticaria may be very wide spread and be accompanied by joint pains, stomach aches and fever. However if the individual lesion lasts for only a few hours, it is less likely to be due to a noxious circulating trigger such as immune complex or Infective organisms.


  • Urticaria disappears in summer and reappears in winter – psorinum
  • Urticaria walking in cold air – sepia
  • Urticaria at sea shore – Ars.alb, Mag.mur
  • Urticaria in everyspring – Rhus.tox
  • Urticaria after bathing – Phosphorus, Urt. Urens
  • Urticaria better in cold air – Calcarea
  • Urticaria after excitement – Bovista
  • Urticaria after violent exercise – conium, Nat.mur, Psorinum, Urt, Urens
  • Chronic urticaria in children – copaiva officinalis
  • Urticaria from pressure of clothes – Medorrhinum
  • Urticaria after vaccination – Sarsaparilla
  • Chronic urticaria with nettle rash on whole body with itching – Astacus fluviatilis
  • Swelling of whole body due to urticaria- Fragaria.
  • Urticaria fever during – Apis, Ignatia, Rhus.tox
  • Urticaria after eating meat – Ant.crud, Ruta
  • Urticarial rash is attended by severe headache with redness of face – belladonna
  • Urticaria alternating with asthma – Calad
  • Urticaria alternating with Rheumatism – Urt. Ure

The materials used for this studies are

  • Standardized Case Record (SCR)
  • Case Concept Form (CCF)
  • Case Concept Exposition (CCE)
  • Standardized Paper in Homoeopathic Prescribing (SPHP)

SCR:  it helps in the collection of data, processing of data and to plan out a definite therapeutic plan. A detailed follow up helps in the further management of case.

CCF: This form directs us to proceed from particular case to general concept which guides us to understand the reason behind the physician action.

CCE:  This gives us an elaborate study of the above, which enables us to demonstrate the application of theory and practice.

SPHP:  This form demands the reason for every action of physician. Hence it helps in the logical understanding of the case.

This study includes five cases that have been selected from homoeopathic out patient department of Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College. These cases have been analysed, prescribed and follow ups have been taken with the help of SCR, CCF, CCE and SPHP.


  1. The number of cases for study were limited
  2. Time for the study was limited
  3. A standardized uniform criteria was not followed
  4. The follow-ups were taken by others, not by the primary physician
  5. Follow-up lack proper details on the examination findings and investigations
  6. study was limited only to the cases of Father Muller Homoeopathic medical college out patient department.

This study has dealt with 5 patients with acute exacerbation of chronic urticaria and chronic urticaria. Through this study we are able to learn the role of homoeopathic management in cases of urticaria.

Urticaria is designed as hypersensitivity reaction due to various causes. Due to some exciting cause in chronic conditions. eruptions may flare up, in this phase our line of treatment is to treat that phase with acute short acting remedy followed by constitutional remedy or an antimiasmatic remedy.

Our dynamic system has a great role to play for the treatment of urticaria. This would only be possible when a physician follows the principles were laid down by our master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Download full article : www.similima.com/pdf/homeopathy-in-urticaria.pdf

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