Complete Dynamics New Version released

Released Complete Dynamics version 11.7.
This version contains a pre release of the Complete Repertory edition 2012.

Strongly improved the program speed and reduced the use of computer memory.
Homeopaths that work with the HFA method (facial analysis) can use a pre release of remedy coloring in the analysis (contact us for details).

  • Additions for all of Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica (smaller and medium sized remedies completed).
  • A three year project in total!
  • More information on Nosodes and Bowel nosodes.
  • Corrections and improvement in structure of repertory rubrics.
  • Remedies: 2.353.017, sources: 4.485.984 (of which Clarke 377.341), rubrics with remedies: 208.825.
  • No new provings, but many remedies updated with 40 % or more information.

New development

  • We will be adding important new functions to Complete Dynamics in early 2012.
  • And for the remainder of 2012, we have also planned very important new features for the Practitioner Edition!
  • At this moment, we can not reveal yet what that will be…(we have been warned that the competition is watching us very carefully).

What is happening with Radar and MacRep?
Many people ask us if whether we know what is happening to Radar and MacRepertory. They seem to be worried about the future of these products.

If you want to read what we know about it, please visit this page.

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Source : Complete Dynamics news letter