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The approach to curriculum designing in medical education in India has been characterized by discipline-wise model  which has high degree of compartmentalization into basic sciences, Para-clinical and clinical disciplines. There has been a global shift in the emphasis from discipline based curriculum to more integrated and problem based curriculum.

However, considering the logistics of implementation and constrains in terms of time and resources, it is recommended  to adopt a discipline based curriculum with an emphasis on acquisition and development of  competencies which are required for practice in a diverse environment ranging from primary health care centre to a tertiary care setting. This will involve both horizontal and vertical integration across the undergraduate course.

Having identified several areas of redundancy, repetition and overlapping in the existing  curriculum,  and in order to achieve horizontal and vertical integration, a Modular approach has been recommended for such topics or generic skills. A number of topics which could be considered for modular teaching have been suggested. However, it is left to the institutes to pick up as many modules as possible depending upon their strengths and feasibility and to work out details of implementation along with a built-in mechanism of assessment.

Each module may be run by 3-5 related departments. The department which is mainly involved in conducting assessment at a particular stage would be the nodal department responsible for coordinating the planning and organization of such module as well as, the assessment.

Given the pace at which horizons of medical science and technology expand, and the  diversities of practice environment likely to be faced by the future physicians, it is extremely  difficult to formulate the objectives of undergraduate medical education. However assuming  that certain “core competencies” are absolutely essential for practice any time and anywhere, emphasis has been laid on the teaching and assessment of essential knowledge, skills and attitude throughout the undergraduate course.

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