Developing a Success Mind-set 7part Series

In the next few chapters we are going to share some helpful tips for  developing a success mind-set that can be applied to any goal.  Throughout the duration of this course, you will develop the  focus and courage to reach ever higher levels of success – even if you have never been successful at anything before.

Contrary to what you may have been taught about success, it is largely a process that begins and ends in your own mind.  While your actions and outer circumstances undoubtedly have an impact on your progress, success is not so much about “what” you do, but HOW you do it.

If you begin by changing your thoughts, your actions will be more focused and your results will be in line with what you want.

The first step is to figure out what you want to be successful AT.

You may think it doesn’t matter which path you chose, that you can be successful at anything.  You’re not completely off the  mark with that belief.

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