FAIMER/WFME Distance Learning Modules in Medical Education

The Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) together with the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and The FAIMER Centre for Distance Learning at CenMEDIC [The Centre for Medical Education in Context – formerly, the Open University Centre for Education in Medicine] have collaborated to produce Distance Learning Modules in Medical Education which have already been successfully running for 2 years with over 250 students.

FAIMER Distance Learning Modules in Medical Education are designed to provide health professions educators with in-depth training in all aspects of medical education through the convenience of web-based learning. The skills and knowledge acquired can help you advance health sciences education at your own institution to the highest international standards.  In 2012, modules are offered in the four themes below.

Theme 1: Self-Review and Accreditation
Theme 2: Educational Management and Leadership
Theme 3: Student Assessment
(this theme has been designed as a series, so modules should be taken in order)
Theme 4: Research and Evaluation (this theme has been designed as a series, so modules should be taken in order)

Many modules can be taken as stand-alone courses, so you can choose the modules that are right for you.  The following modules from each theme are available in 2012 (please find a brochure with full details attached):

START 9 JAN 2012

  • Module 1.1 Standards for Medical Education
  • Module 2.5 Leading and Managing Projects
  • Module 3.1 Assessment Overview
  • Module 4.1 Introduction to Research Methods and Design


  • Module 1.2 Organising a Self-Review
  • Module 2.6 Managing Meetings and Group Decision Making
  • Module 3.2 Designing an Assessment System: Blueprinting
  • Module 4.2 Literature Review and Writing a Research Question


  • Module 1.3 Gathering, Analysing and Presenting Evidence for Self-Review
  • Module 2.7 Team Building
  • Module 3.3 Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs)
  • Module 4.3 Research Designs and Sampling

START 8 OCT 2012

  • Module 1.4 Self-Review in Low Resource Circumstances
  • Module 2.8 Managing and Leading Change
  • Module 3.4 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Module 4.4 Quantitative Research Methods

Course Description
Each module takes approximately one hour per week for 10 weeks. The modules can be downloaded or used on-line. You will be provided with course materials and supporting documentation, and assigned a Learning Advisor to stimulate and discuss your progress in an on-line discussion forum. You will be expected to complete two one-hour assignments (within the 10-hour allocation) on which you will receive detailed feedback.

Certificate of Completion
Upon successful completion of each module, you will receive a credit-rated certificate that can be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD) which can be used as accredited prior learning towards other qualifications.

Future Plans
FAIMER will be presenting a distance learning Certificate, Diploma and Master’s course in Medical Education: Assessment and Accreditation in the next year. Study of the current modules will give you a head start, but will not currently count towards these new qualifications.

Payment and Registration
The cost of each module is $135 USD. For further details and payment instructions, please use the FAIMER website on http://www.faimer.org/distancelearning.html.  Once you have paid your course fee(s), the CenMEDIC office will be in touch with a registration form for you to complete to finalise the registration process or you can complete the registration form now (attached above) if would like register for any of the modules listed with a view to your payment being made soon after.

We do hope you see the many benefits of studying our modules as many students already have.  Lastly, we would be most grateful if you could forward this email onto any colleagues or friends who may also be interested.

Jo Rew (nee Marshall)
Consultant Administrator for Centre for Medical Education in Context [CenMEDIC] & FAIMER Centre for Distance Learning
Address: CenMEDIC, Unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PN
Tel: [+44] 01908 663844
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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