Health Information Technology Tutorials

This program provides information to physicians, teachers  and practice staff on methodologies for successful adoption of health information technology solutions. The methodologies will be presented in a series of 6 short video modules. The target audience for this program is physicians and practice staff in small practices who are faced with decisions regarding health IT.

Program run time: 54 minutes
Note: Don’t worry! You may return to the program at any time if you are unable to complete the modules in one sitting. The program bookmarks the last screen that you view and will ask if you wish to continue from this point when you return.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, physicians and staff should be able to:

  • Formulate an approach to adoption of health information technology for the small physician group practice.
  • Utilize information about health IT adoption methodologies in the decision making process leading to successful adoption.

To begin this program, please read the information below and check the acknowledge statement; then click “Submit and Start the Program”

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