Heavy (Noble) metals in Homoeopathy

lab12Dr Ameer Khalid  BHMS,MD(Hom)

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of eavy metals  and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

Argentum ,Aurum ,Stannum ,Thallium ,Platinum ,Palladium ,Plumbum  ,Cuprum

Those who have reached the expression of syphilitic miasm . Sycotic miasm in the background.

Slow,  progressive  ,deep seated  pathological  condition  almost leading to  incurability. Illness  of  vital organs of body i.e. CNS, Heart, Kidney, etc.

Emaciation, looking much more older than  age. Weakness, almost going to paralysis.

Ailments from:-
I. Suppressions.

  • Uninterrupted Grief.
  • Stocks, disappointments.
  • Suppression  due  to  drugs  (steroids,   anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive drugs, etc.)
  • Radiation
  • Suppression of discharges.
  • Surgical suppression

II. Stimulants

III. Past history of syphilis or gonorrhoea.

IV. Sexual indulgence. Sexual Neurasthenia.

V.  Symptoms of mind acquired from physical suppressions.

Either inflammation leading to degeneration (common metals) or Inflammation leading to induration (noble group of metals)

Sphere of action: Reproductive organs. Heart. Connective tissue

In metals, mental symptoms are concomitants.
Symptoms develop gradually or suddenly rise up and come  down gradually. Sycotic background -> Syphilitic state.
Pain, very high intensity. Progress is  slow.  Relief  is gradual. Constant dull continuous pain maddening type of pain. Patient becomes neurotic with pain. Pain < touch. Pain  > Hard pressure, > tight bandage.

Useful in  acute exacerbation of a chronic condition.

Opposite states as a result of toxic effects of metals. Initially hyperactive state of system (because of rejection by the system) which  is  seen as < touch, hyperesthesia. But  finally  leads  to destruction. Highly irritable, excitable, hysterical (plumb, plat.). Hopefulness with Hopelessness of despair (Aurum)
Hyperactive  state  is  very  short.  But  hypoactivity  is  very prolonged.

Patient desires abnormal things and those things which aggravate.
Desires:- Stimulants, raw food, pica (Alum, Stann)
Aversion:- To good nutritious food.


  • Stool: Paresis and paralysis. Constipation++. Hard, dry, ball like stools.
  • Perspiration: Profuse, copious. No amount of perspiration ameliorates. Perspiration-stains, offensive.
  • Urine: Tenesmus , paralysis, paresis. Affection of sacral plexus.
  • Paralysis of lower part of body (Thallium)
  • Involuntary stool and urine ++ (If involuntary elimination due to weakness:  carbon, acid group)
  • Menses: Scanty.  Blood- dark, painful, staining, offensive and indelible (plat).  Cystic growths , tumors and severe pain in ovaries.
  • Profuse Salivation.

Acrid offensive thick yellowish green. Pathological  discharge  exhausts the  patient.  Breathlessness  after expectoration
Ulcers on an unhealthy base. No healing or delayed healing (snake venoms, carbons)
Dry Gangrene. Varicose Veins, varicose ulcers

Sleep, Dreams: Amorous++
Of impending diseases

Tremendous desire for sex +3. Nymphomania. Desire with no action.
Impotence :- Masturbation, sexual indulgence. < after coition
Polycystic ovarian disease

Skin – wrinkled, flabby, emaciation, ulcers delayed healing.
All metals are normally Chilly. But pain > cold application.

Personalities :- From cultured families.
HIGH EGO. Live their life like a king.
Desire for pleasure and power. Can do anything for pleasure and power.
Develops personality disorders.

  1. In Aurum – Heart affected, suicidal tendency.
  2. In Argentum – Anxiety
  3. In Platina – Hysteria
  4. In Palladium – Mixture of all the above
  • Love for  money & Power
  • Initially very hopeful (Tub miasm)
  • Depressive mania. Endogenous depression
  • Schizophrenia. Hysteria
  • Neurotic state, Anxiety neurosis. (Arg Nit)
  • Phobias (Arg Nit)
  • Restless, Impatient, walking; running. Suicidal by jumping out of window.

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