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Now similima.com providing highly useful third party website links – for Homeopathic /Medical scholars  and teachers.

Remember : These pages are regularly updated. So try to visit frequently

A Request : Please send your favourite medical website links …the websites you often visit …..which you think will help other doctors also…many of our fellow doctors are unaware of such websites…


  • Homeopathy Medical Colleges in India
  • Global Homeopathy Medical Colleges & Schools
  • Useful General Medicine Websites
  • Related links – Gulf Jobs
  • Education & Career – Links
  • Computers, Softwares & Internet
  • Public Service Commissions India
  • Plan your Holiday Trips
  • Useful Homeopathy Websites
  • Homeopathy Journals & Publishers
  • Homoeopathic Journals from India
  • Websites on Photography
  • India Government Websites
  • Free Medical Journals & Books
  • Public Service Commissions India
  • Homoeopathy Pharmaceuticals in India
  • Homeopathic packaging materials
  • Global Homeopathy Pharmaceuticals
  • Homoeopathy Discussion Forums
  • Homeopathy Drug Proving – Useful links
  • Indian Homeopathic Associations
  • Association & Organisations in Homeopathy
  • Proposal Writing
  • Research Funding Organisations in India & Abroad
  • Websites on Medical & Homeopathic Research
  • Website by Homeopathy Doctors
  • Homoeopathy Software’s etc..

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    This is a good idea! All neeed to contribute to the same..