How the changing face of education impacting the students

How the changing face of education, information and globalization is impacting the minds of students and institutions? 

Exactly, this is age of information and informational technology. We all know that the process of globalization and technological developments have impacted our education system, and the youngsters the most. The youngsters mind being most susceptible and volatile have been exposed to varied informational content of negativity and positivity. Now they can access information which otherwise was totally tabooed and forbidden for their delicate minds. Unimaginable and drastic vicissitudes have occurred in the field of informational technology in the last two decades; which had not occurred in five hundred years.

When the structure of society changes so drastically, the superstructure based on it is bound to change. Change is the basis and rule of life. Life is continuous evolutionary process. Man has reached this technology age. from Stone Age The student or person who is not equipped with latest modes of information and knowledge my aptly be called “illiterate” from the perspective of modern technological age, even though he may be possessing many bonafide testified and qualified degrees. The old degrees may become obsolete if we do not update our knowledge with the latest internet developments.

For decades back, the learning intellectual capital used to be schools, colleges, universities and libraries and the people’s intellectual capital was built on the investment of quality time engaged in pursuit of knowledge in schools, colleges, universities and other learning institutes. Books, libraries and lectures used to be mainstay source of information. The elementary tools were text and voice i.e. books and lecture

The information technology has revolutionized every aspect of human activity and life including education, Mode of education, and teaching of education and teaching methods. The thinking process of man has undergone a drastic change. Today’s man is a complex man leading life of strife and tension full of paradoxes and contradictions. Everywhere he finds himself at crossroads, not deciding, which way to go.

In a way books and classrooms have become redundant. These have been replaced by computer screens. Schools and colleges have been replaced by internet and web pages. Class black Boards have been taken by note books and laptops. Simple paper text has been replaced by electronic text and simple human voice has been replaced by electronic voice. What an amazing revolution it is really! The students are increasingly used to imbibe electronic form of text. We receive, fairly large proportion of our information through emails, tweets, chats or active web surfing. Print media seems to take a back seat. It has been successfully succeeded and preceded by electronic media. Man’s quest and thirst for information has grown many times and tremendously. Web pages have become the modern libraries

We are being presented with tetra bytes of information through google research engine, wikipedia, and online Blogging etc. social media websites such as face book and tweet are serving the man’s need for information in their own way, through short text messages. Similarly the voice based information is serving the people in its own peculiar way. The diversity of sources of voice based information—voice over ipod cards. The tremendous surge in telephony has become the part and parcel of people’s life. The internet based “cellular telephony” and “telephony inter netting” has added new dimension to information.

The govt is also giving the helping hand in boosting the information technology. The govt is ratifying voip services and is adopting progressive stance on broadband cellular policy for the broad based expansion of information technology to grassroots and remote areas. Today, we have more choice for information retrieval than ever before. People are retrieving information from internet in a big way. Apart from internet, information is headed over way from Blogging, array of other sources from cell phones to satellite radios. There is flood of information and we are deluged by information. Now it depends on us which way we embrace and integrate this information in our daily lives.

The students, who will succeed and be the front runners of life and destiny of mankind ,will be those who actively educate themselves about these new technologies and try to integrate them into their daily life agenda. The visionary and intellectual giant, Steve jobb may be their torch bear in this respect. They may derive inspiration from him. Technology itself is neither a boon nor bane. Mother Nature has gifted us many resources like sun, minerals, water, air, fire and energy and it depends on man how he interprets and exploits positively or negatively, for selfish ends or public interest. In the changing milieu of information, those students, who do not adopt themselves to the changing scenario of technology; will lag behind in the race for superiority and domination giving way to schizophrenic way of life.

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