IMA demands Rs 50, 000 minimum salary to MBBS graduates


Indian Medical Association (IMA) is preparing a petition to the government to consider the plight of  MBBS graduates and guarantee them work at a suitable pay in private & Government sector.

“We plan to meet Ghulam Nabi Azad, union minister for health and family welfare, to ask the government to post these newly-qualified doctors in the rural areas and ensure they get a good pay,” Dr N Appa Rao, chairman of the IMA National Leaders Forum, on Saturday. They expect a salary of at least Rs50,000 monthly.

Clearing the MBBS course to become a doctor is tough. But after four and a half years of gruelling study and examinations, the vast majority of those who qualify to become doctors cannot find a decent job. While some struggle to set up private practice, many others can remain unemployed for three, four or more years.

Those who do manage to get jobs at private hospitals are paid peanuts. Others struggle to set up private practice. Yet many remain unemployed for even up to five years.

“After working hard for five years to get a medical degree, these young people ought to be provided proper jobs with a good pay, at least initially. The rural areas require doctors and the government can help these newcomers by posting them there,” Rao said. [Source]

  • Dr. Avijit Majumdar

    The course ‘B.H.M.S’ i.e, Bachelor in homeopathic medicine and surgery is more or less as same as M.B.B.S subject wise and completely same as duration wise. Govt should think for there job security and salary also. They also need job,as they spend and strugled to pass this course with lots of hardwork and aspiration. Thanks.

    • Soham Mukherjee


  • Dr Girindra

    Like IMA our Homoeopathic medical asociation also demand. Govt should also think for there job security and salary also. They also need job,as they spend and strugled to pass this course with lots of hardwork and aspiration.

  • dr.vipin sharma

    yes,govt. should think about BHMS doctors.the course is same like mbbs why their salary & post r different?
    why there is long gap b/w bhms doctor & mbbs doctor?

  • DR. S

    i am so sad. at one hand govt giving
    ( mbbs) high salary jobs to every individuals and on the other hand low salary not much jobs for us. there are lots of bhms doctors but job is scanty. why why? give us us otherwise we will be forced to quit homeopathy(if there is no jobs why people will study it?)
    save homoeopathy give us good salary jobs.
    we also did 5 and 1/2 year course.

  • dr shehnaz daredia

    Agree abdolutely wth the same

  • dr shehnaz daredia

    Its one of the worst conditions amongst all doctors for a bhms to survive in tdys market.

    Useless to bcm tat.govt shd nt open coll of bhms wen thy r nt able to pay n gv thm gtheir respect …

  • Ruby Rashmi

    I have engineer friends who got into engineering one year after i started mbbs then got jobs when i was stuck in internship. And get almost as much as i get. So people who think doctors start making millions as soon as they come out of the college, no, it’s not true. I will be asking my children to choose something less stressful so that they shouldn’t think like i do.