Oxygen in trillion potency-a new medicine in a new potency

Dr. Ramesh. N.                       

Introduction: Oxygen is non-metal, colorless and odorless gas. In  liquid state it is pale-blue and magnetic in nature. It does altogether occupy in our body. Where is life there is oxygen. It is great boon for living creature. In every cell of our body lives only because of oxygen,   so I started to find out it’s pure dynamic effect according to Hahnemann.

Collection of sample: It is very difficult to collect oxygen in gas form, So I collected it in liquid form at-190 degree centigrade.

Preparation and potency: 1000 parts of neutral strong alcohol has taken near to the oxygen liquid cylinder then directly introducing 1 drop of oxygen liquid into the neutral alcohol without expose to external environment. After 1 hour take 1 drop of liquid from it and add 1000 drops of strong alcohol then give succussions up to TRILLION POTENCY according to -Jenichen method of potentisation.

Mechanism of potentisation: while giving succusion from the height of 60 cm the P.E converts to K.E. In this process some amount of energy will produced. Due to this trillion times succession the medicine will potentised to TRILLION potency.

Drug proving: Oxygen in Trillion potency was proved on human beings,animals and plants. I got good result on human beings and plants.

AFFINITIES: C.N.S, C.V.S, R.S, Ex.S and integument system

MIND: Anxious,Aimless, chattering, cynosure, and he is in a state of exaggerate, Extreme changeability with out any reason, Great irritability, Altered behaviour, always in reminiscene state.

HEAD: Hemiplegia, dizziness, giddiness, Early morning headache in the fore head region mostly in left side. > towards evening. Tenderness in the sinuses region.

EYE: Great irritation in the both eye, always wants to rub the eye  & weakness of eyelids & falling of eye lashes easily.

MOUTH: Blackish discoloration of lower lip,heamorrhagic bullae in the mouth.Aphasia during chill, excessive salivation in the early morning.

FACE: Cyanosis of face, pimples on the fore head mostly on left side alternate with headache and often changing of the face color

R.S: Dyspnea, chest pain, Abnormal rhythm of respiration, continuous cough, large quanities of purulent, foul smelling sputum. some times tough, stringy discharges.

HEART: Palpitation of heart exertional dyspnea, pulse collapsing, rapid high volume pulse, second heart sound is not heard. Heart stroke in younger(below 40yrs). The complaints lost for 5-10sec.

GIT: Nausea&vomiting, discomfort feeling in stomach, constipation in younger, fullness of abdomen, tenderness in every where  unable to specify the exact location. every complaint associate with respiratory complaints. Always thirsty.

SKIN: Blackish discoloration of skin in small areas, skin like in dehydrated state without any actual dehydration, Hairs are long, rapid growth but easily falls before telogenic phase. Rapid growth of nails but easily breakable.

EXTREMITIES: Unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling in the lower extremities, Aching&burning sensation of limbs mostly in the left side. Warm extremities,muscle twitching. sensation as if flexion of big toes, Rapid movement of the legs without any reason.

FEVER: All types of fever following labour,Any types fever associate with respiratory complaints. During fevers urinary output decreases.

SLEEP: Lack of sleep due to constant thinking and if he tries to sleep he will get dreams  as episodes.

AILMENTS: loneliness, over thinking, over eating, while undressing and stress.

MODALITIES:< by rest, night fall,early morning, > by standing & movement.

Clinical Conditions: MDP, Bronchiectasis, Sinusitis, High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, High Altitude Cerebral Edema, IHD, Acute Poisoning, ARF & Azotemia.

Proving on plants
After administration of oxygen in tomato and brinjal the slight increase of size and rapid growth occurred.

Conclusion: So oxygen in trillion potency can act on trillion cells of our body and plants.

Provers list


NOTE: Still it is partially proved drug, I invite any new results by this sent it to my mail.

Dr. Ramesh. N.(B.H.M.S),
Govt. Homoeopathic Hospital,Kadapa
E mail: [email protected]


  1. such research must be taken place. Hats off to dr.ramesh for a wonderful thought.The idea of Hahnemann was the same that cure will be hidden in the substances which are around us.

  2. I used Oxy 1M with Gingko 1M and found an accelerated action of the remedy (Gingko). What if a higher potency (Oxy)is used with other remedies (e.g. pain relieving remedies)! This needs to be proved.

  3. It is quite interesting to read the article. Dr Ramesh needs to be encouraged for his reserch tendency to introduce new drugs of moderen nature.Oxygen is life providing and energetic in nature and it surely cures many ailments.Its introduction as Homeopathic remedy is to be most welcomed.Let him continuee his research further and publish his findings for the welfare of the humanity.

  4. Quite interesting. Any cases treated with the oxygen drug.Any unique and characteristic symptoms emerged? What is the USP of this drug along with other heart remedies like nitroglycerine?

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