Phosphorus: the element for love and light

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One day I was deeply absorbed in VITAL INFORMER on my chair.I heard of foot steps of some one outside & got disturbed suddenly. Who is there? I saw a tall, delicate, narrow-chested, pale, slim and look well-proportioned person came behind to my chair. Have long, drooping eyelashes and long tapering fingers (like artists).He had dandruff and itching his scalp with falling of hair in large bunches (alopecia).His dress with flair & flamboyance. He said to me, “Namaskar Homoeopath! do you know me?” I said, Namaskar PHOSPHORUS JEE. Please be seated. I  know  well about you. You are Phos want to receive and give love (Reciprocal love).One sided love is never for you, its for your younger sister-Nat mur.(Kent says that Nat mur is indicated when a girl falls in love with a married man or a person unequal to her in status ).You are also over-sympathetic (empathetic) & can not see others suffers, like your inimical friend Causticum with which.

Phos is a Grekk word means CARRIER 0F LIGHT VENUS’S. Therefore, symptoms of Phos can be connected to light. Light (=means knowledge) is perceived through the senses & nervous system. Phos has a marked effect on the senses & the nervous system. The mind & special senses are at first over-active.

Phos is nervous, restless (Aconite, Arsenic also),fidgety ,irascible ,sensitive ,perceptive even to clairvoyanne. Strong perfumes or odours of flowers cause headache faintness or actual fainting. He is sensitive to slightest environmental changes:  changes such as changes of atmosphere, temperature, weather, etc & also mental emotional changes such as company, moods of companions etc.

Light is perceived through the eyes & hence, affecting all parts of the eyes such as cataract haemorrhage, atrophy of optic nerve. Edema of lids & around eyes (in his brother Kali-c the upper lids bloat & hang down like a bag of water & In Apis-it is more in the lower lids).Its ignition temperature is very slow (~30° C).When exposed to air it undergoes oxidation which gradually raises its temperature & ultimately fire when the temperature exceeds 30°C.For this reason it is always kept under water & darkness.

Here, Phos comes in fire, water & dark reminding us(signature) of BURNING,COLD THINGS & DARKNESS. The sensation of burning in an intense degree is another characteristic of Phos. Burning  anywhere  and everywhere all over the body. The flashes of hest all over begin in the hands & spread from there. (Sulphur has also intense burning,but it is as strong as the burning feet of,& cannot bear to have the hands covered ). Phos is safe only if immersed in large quantities of cold water, so also Phos, has a thirst requiring large quantities of cold water, which quenches the burning sensation of the body or stomach .The burning is also relieve by eating which becomes a general modalities.Phos has helped many cases of peptic ulcers esp.duodenal ulcer where the pain is relieved by eating esp. cold foods .These Phos also gets hunger at night, soon after a meal, must eat. Relieved by eating (cold things) but is soon hungery again.(Iodine, Chelidonium. Petrolium, Anacardium, etc).Phos wants cold things, (like Pulsatella), but as soon as they get warm in the stomach they are vomited.(The symptom “vomiting of cold drinks, after they become warm in the stomach” as a clinical symptom, discovered by Dr.Lippe at the bedside, is till considered one of the classical & valuble indications for Phos).

Phos is also sensitive to dark and light. He prefers the light to dark & gets depressed as the darkness comes on. Phos is worse at the borderland of light that is twilight and so he is worse in the morning and evening.

“Phos has an active metabolism, with the result they grow quickly, and so grow tall and thin. They  shoot-up, so to say. Becoming tall & thin suddenly they seem to bend like a creeper which droops and so these patient may become stooped. The Calc-c is generally known to be dull, sluggish and tendency to grow fat but Calc-p becomes tall, active and sensitive and may get growing pains in the joints. This is due to Phos.”( Dr.P.Shankaran).

Dr. Boman Behram writes, “There is no homoeopathic explanation as to why Phos. should act on such a constitution, but detailed biochemistry of Phos. on human and animal organism has revealed that it has profound influence on the metabolism of glucose. By its action, it deplets the store of glucose in the liver, muscles  and other tissues for rapid combustion. Naturally, the fats are also burnt along with glucose, so that there is no chance of the fat being deposited in the body, therefore, the persons remain lean. Secondly, Phos has a marked stimulating effect on growing ends of the bones so that the person grows tall. Hence you have the Phos constitution which is essentially tall & lean.”

Phos may eat well & still emaciate due to the active metabolism, as in tuberculosis. Phos have an abnormal craving for salt or salt food & eat too much of it like many other tubercular remedies.

Phos is an extremely active element, is does not occur free in nature. In the combined form however, it is widely distributed in nature. There habits & nature of Phos gives a clue to their action & uses & reminding us (signature) of Phos seems to have peculiar propensity for company. Cannot  be alone. Better by company but he would like to be touched, stroked & magnetized. Phos child would like to hold the mother’s hands. He has intense desire for a sex partner. Dr.P.Sankaran writes, “it is said that a dog which was poisoned by Phos got violent sexual excitement & died during sexual-intercourse. Phos has a violent sexual desire & also is a remedy for homosexuality.”

White Phos is extremely poisonous. A dose of 0.15 gm or even less, proves fatel. The vapour of Phos, if continuously inhaled, cause necrosis of the bones particularly those of the jaws & nose. This reminder us (signature) of affects of Phos on bones esp. long bones & produces necrosis.

It peculiarly affects mandible.The phossy jaw (necrosis from suppurative chemical osteomylitis) of workers in lucifer match factories is well-known(Amphisboena-prepared from the jaw bone of the Lizard & produces swelling of jaw).Phos suited upon the cavities in body & which organs themselves have cavities in them such as head, chest ,abdomen & brain, lungs, heart & stomach etc. It has sensation of fullness & tightness in organs or cavities. He has fear from darkness, ghosts, robbers  & being alone, of thunder, in the crowd, of death, of disease, of evil, that something may happen etc.

It glows in the dark on account of its slow oxidation. This phenomenon is known as Phosphorescence. During oxidation, it gives a smell like that of garlic (Sulphur).This indicates the perspiration of phos has odour of sulphur (garlic).Another characteristic feature of Phos are hydrant like diarrhoea, as if anus is wide open & profuse, too early menstruation which is lasting long period. Hot burning spot along the spine. His complains agg. by touch, physical or mental exertion, twilight, warm food or drink, change of weather, from getting wet in hot weather (rev. to Bryo), evening, lying on left side / painful side, during a thunderstorm & gets relief  lying on right side, cold food & sleep.

Phos resembles Sulphur in its fields of usefulness as in many of its symptoms, while being quite different in its classical constitution.

Amit pandey
Anushree homoeopathic medical college, Jabalpur,MP
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