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Acute Bronchitis and Homoeopathy

Dr Selma Varghese BHMS The lower respiratory tract, consisting of respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts, provide a passage as well as carry out gas exchange while the most distal zone, the respiratory zone, consisting of […]

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The Medical Observer

Dr Amala Cyriac  Abstract In this article we discuss about the lesser writing of Hahnemann i.e. THE MEDICAL OBSERVER. In this article Hahnemann clearly described about “how keen a homoeopathic physician should be” and what […]

Practice of Medicine

Thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy

Dr. Yashasvi shakdvipiya1, Dr. Noopur kumari2 Abstract:- Thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy is a very common problem now a days. The other systems of treatment may have the danger of maternal as well as foetal complications.  Homoeopathic […]