Avian Flu and Homeopathy – A Pilot Project

disease1Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Mohanty.
National President,Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians
Email – drnmohanty@indiatimes.com

With the beginning of trans-border migration of birds from November, chances are there that the Avian Flu virus too flies into new areas. Is this the beginning of a pandemic? Nations are in a state of panic and scare as the virus threatens to melt borders and spread the wings of death.

With the bird flu outbreak in Asia spreading to Europe, alarm bells have started ringing with the UN also asking for action. Thousands of ducks and chickens have been killed to curb the disease’s spread. As human death toll continues to grow, many are concerned that the virus will mutate and trigger a human pandemic.

But the subtle homoeopathic philosophy as well as vivo and vitro studies conducted in the past with clinical evidences indicate the efficacy in viral infectious diseases. However, it is felt imperative to establish scientifically that homoeopathic medicament do act curatively in combating this Avian Flu.

Methodology (For mathematical model)

Aim – To ascertain the preventive and curative medicine for Avian Flu.

Methods – A diagnostic criterion was determined by taking clinical features such as: fever, sore throat, rhinitis, dry cough, headache, bodyache, malaise, redness of conjunctiva, nausea, vomiting and otitis media.

Results of mathematical model
By using RADAR & HOMPATH Software above symptoms were repertorised. Drugs evolved as closer remedy for Avian Flu are as follows:

RADAR                                                    HOMPATH

Belladonna – 24/10                            Belladonna – 27/10

Pulsatilla – 24/10                                Ars. alb. – 26/10

Mercurius – 21/10                              Nux vom. – 26 /10

Rhus tox. – 21/10                                Sulphur – 26/10

Causticum – 18/10                             Pulsatilla – 25/10

Silicea – 23/9                                     Bry. alb. – 23/10

Sulphur – 23/9                                 Calc. carb. – 23/10

Ars. alb. – 22/9                                  Mercurius – 23/10

Calc. carb – 21/9                                 Nat. mur. – 23/10

Proposed Methodology
Aim – To determine the efficacy of the drugs evolved through mathematical model in providing prophylactic and curative role in Avian Flu.

Methods – Target groups
Domesticated birds
Human being of globe
The experiment will be double blind control trial with different determinants with various dosages and repetition schedule

The exclusion and inclusion criteria will be as per our earlier discussed clinical feature and diagnostic tests (viral culture / serology / antigen test / PCR and immunofluroscent assay). Route of administration of medicine will be oral. Follow up and monitoring will be done periodically for improvement of clinical feature and diagnostic tests. A standard protocol will be developed to document the data for its positive and negative responses. Finally statistical evaluation will be done by using EPINFO soft ware.

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