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doctors11I received your mail two days before, unfortunately I was too busy to write a reply. I am from Massachusetts state, I contacted some of the local homeopaths and one homeopathic school Teleosis to know about practicing homeopathy here in this state. As per the information from those person we don’t need an official license to practice. there is one homeopathic clinic called Inner health here in Cambridge ( MA) city, there website is .They are very active in practicing the system they conduct radio shows and conferences. NATIONAL CENTER FOR HOMEOPATHY, New England homeopathy Academy, Institute Of classical homeopathy are some of the non profitable organizations that work for the system. There is one classical homeopathy certification which we can do; There used to be conference by one Indian homeopath Divya Chhabra near my town Westford MA.

In my case, I used to have Indian family for treatment, but unfortunately when I moved from that particular area I lost those patient. Then I gave some advertisement here in new place where I didn’t get any responses which made me to go back to school for MS. One reason I think, this state is a place where compulsory health insurance policy is needed for people which doesn’t cover homeopathic treatment. So people must pay from their pocket which will be a big amount since co payment for traditional treat will be just $10 to $20 dollar.

2) It may be, people are not that much aware of this system.

3) I am scared of starting it in big way because I am not a permanent resident who is on dependent visa where I am unable to do any practice or work. Here people are suing nature ,if they find any discomfort with doctor. so I feel it is safe not to do as vast.

Here, we can get medicine online. I have medicine from India with me. Once I prescribed syzigium tincture for my patient , but online store was not ready to sell it to her. I don’t know why, so I got it for her from India.

I hope this letter will give you some overview of my state. I saw Dr. Nirupama K. Desai MD in your team list. Is she practicing there? If you find something about homeopathy in USA please let me know it. If you have any question or concern please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for sharing your mail. Hope this mail of mine finds you in good health with soaring spirits.
I went through the mail and can understand the concerns regarding practice Homeopathy in US. Here are some clarifications to the queries mentioned in the email.

1. Laws regarding practicing homeopathy differ from state to state, so she needs to check with the laws governed by the Massachusetts state. Certain states like Connecticut, Arizona etc permits licensed Homeopath to practice. In other state its not mandatory to have a license. They can practice Homeopathy.

2. Unlike India, where we have the rights, same as the Allopaths to request for investigation, diagnosis of the case, and laws and governing bodies for the betterment of the homeopathy, here we have some limitations while diagnosing the case or writing a requisition slip for the patient. We cannot diagnose a case and the lab requisition are done through Primary care physician who is Allopath and holds a valid degree. There are some patients who take Homeopathic Medicine who are believers of Homeopathy and they are ready to pay from their own pocket. Some insurances do cover some homeopaths but mainly those who hold Allopathic degree, are in their network and also practice Homeopathy.

3. If you are a Homeopath with degree from India, its not that pts will not approach but again your publicity is not much and that is why there are Council for Homeopathic Certification, who for the propagation of Homeopathy, have set exams, have their own code of ethics and online directory. You need to take their exams, fulfill their requirements, practice within their code of ethics, get a certificate after passing the exams and then your name is added to their directory and people can access the directory for choosing their Homeopath in their area. They don’t provide any license but they can assure the mass that the candidate has been verified.

4.People are becoming aware of the Alternative med and know the side effects of Allopathic drugs and believe me people are ready to pay from their own pocket though not many in number unlike back home in India. I bet if you succeed in treating the chronic cases, people here are ready to travel to you for your consultation, in spite of distance and time. People are fed up with the Allopathic side effects and are trying to get healthier by approaching Holistic system of medicine. That is why Yoga and massage and different Ayurvedic therapies are in full boom.

5. I agree with the information provided by Dr Sajunath Nirupama regarding the websites, the non profit organizations.

6. Considering the law, one on the dependent Visa ,it is risky to practice so if she has a work permit and if is affiliated to some Homeopathic organization then things become bit easy. As far as prescribing Homeopathic Mother tinctures, the pharmacies are not allowed to dispense mother tinctures, as far as my knowledge goes. Even for higher potencies above 1M you need to have a prescription to get those. Its not readily available.

Because of the monopoly of Allopathic system of medicine, Alternative medicine like Ayurvedic,Homeopathy ,acupuncture are striving hard to bring justice to the pathies though Allopathy has the upper hand. In coming decade I strongly believe that the Alternative med will have the upper hand.

Hope this helps to clarify something to the best of my knowledge. Pleases feel free to write back with queries if any and would be happy to help out.

Thanks for sending me the mail. I strongly agree with Dr Nirupama’s Mail. As she told every state has its own law and in my state patients have great access to traditional medicine because of states high health care policy. I have heard state California is a good place to practice. As she said it is good to treat chronic ailments. In some rented house you cannot carry out any type of business; depends on the community you live. Once I had a patient for joint pain to whom I asked to get necessary investigations through his primary care physician. I too have plan to get certified as classical homeopath which is really good. you can search the following link about fast track certification,

I think you can publish the details she provided in the mail with website details from my previous mail. I really appreciate your effort to make the homeopathy better and let us have more people like you form our community especially from our college. If you have any questions please feel free to be keep in touch

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