Fedarin to Venture MIT Research In Homeopathy

Dr Arif Hussain Theruvath
This indeed is good news in this New Year 2017 for the homeopathic world. The skepticism and debates surrounding homeopathy about its fundamental science involved is around us for the time immemorial. In this wake a new firm,

‘FEDARIN ENTERPRISES’ has come forward to venture into research works to prove the scientific hypothesis known as Molecular Imprinted Therapeutics (MIT), proposed by Sir K C Chandran regarding the biological mechanism of homeopathy and high dilution therapeutics. Fedarin also intends to develop a whole new range of safe and target- specific drugs based on the technology of molecular imprinting, using novel bio-friendly substances as supra-molecular imprinting matrices and various biological ligands as templates.

This different medical startup aims at curtailing the ongoing skepticism and ridiculing happening against homeopathy and to give it a scientific outlook and redefine its theory and practice according to the new findings, said the CEO, Dr. Arif Hussain Theruvath.

Even though the hypotheses was developed to explain the unanswered questions in homeopathy, especially those regarding the nature and properties of the Active Principle present in homeopathic Medicines and the Biological Mechanism of action of them, it was later recommended for extensive research so that target specific Molecular Imprints based drugs in modern medicine too can be developed for long term treatment purposes for treating many modern diseases without the fear of side effects from it.

Back in 1800’s, the discovery of Homoeopathy was a great topic of furor among the medical world.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who was a medical doctor wished to bring some changes in the medical practice in which he was engaged in, and was of little use for the diseased and was many a times a torture to the ill. He put forth homeopathy as an answer to these problems in healthcare during his time.

Later, science advanced in leaps and bounds, medical world started gaining improvement in its understanding and applications. The major beneficiary to include every outcome of this technological progress was the medical world itself. Newer inventions and applications emerged every other day in the past centuries and this gave medicine its new name – MODERN MEDICINE, which is existent today with more promising outcomes.

From then on, medicine came to be known as EBM – Evidence Based Medicine. The old school techniques of Empiricism and doctrine of signature were sent for rigorous scientific validation. Today, logical reasoning, hypothesis formation, experimentation and scientific theorization are the common and minimum norms to qualify as an EBM. Every day, we hear about new results and rejections coming out of these processes.

Lately, homeopathy is the prime subject of controversy and skepticism in the medical world as a lot of questions regarding the fundamental science involved in it is left void since its discovery. No serious attempts had been made to address the two basic questions raised by the scientific community, viz.,

1. What are the active principles present in the homeopathic medicine preparations?
2. What is the biological mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines?

The fact is, these two questions are still unattempted and those that were made resulted in bringing further damages to the outlook of this system as a medicine and subjected it to be ridiculed and denounced as a PSEUDOSCIENCE. So the challenge is still valid – to answer those fundamental questions and prove the scientificity in homeopathy.

We, at FEDARIN, accepted this challenge and started treading towards its accomplishment. We have realized the dearth of resources and have fathomed the extent to which we have to travel. We decided to bring together all scientific resources available today.

Finally, we could arrive at this opportunity to lead the scientific innovation of homeopathy and medicine as a whole by taking up the Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT) Hypothesis, which was devised by Sir K.C.Chandran based on existing scientific evidences.  We decided to prove it using scientific methods and to develop it to a new medical technology.

Our R&D activities is mainly zeroing in on this new technology – Molecularly Imprinted Medicines. Newer target specific drugs based on this novel technology of drug designing would be created at our facility and sent for clinical trials for validation. So, this is going to make some lasting impressions in the medical history and is going to be the affirmative answer to the above mentioned fundamental questions asked about homeopathy.

So, at FEDARIN, we undertake to lead the change that will revolutionize medical field by introducing an entirely new vista of disease management using Molecularly Imprinted designer drugs and to redefine homeopathy in the language of modern science.

Web : www.fedarin.com

Dr Arif Hussain Theruvath
FEDARIN Enterprises, India
email : arifhussaintm@gmail.com

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