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keyDear Doctor,
You can download and use these books on Religion for your personal use as such without any modification.
But please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author’s name.
An appeal :If any of you have these type of books or links in your collection please mail to us :

Meditation – Exact and Accurate Methods – Explained in down-to-earth language  – Dr Krishna Murthy

Seven major sins

500 Most influential Muslims 2009

Insurance in both world

Islamic medicine

Kanthapuram among 500 Muslims

Debate between religion – MM Akbar

Never lose Namas

Fasting for better health

Chandramasam what is right & wrong?

Keep good relation for a better health

Love and express your love

Never loss prayers

No time for prayer

A study on fasting

Fathwas and doubts on fasting

Your share

Things related to fasting good and bad

Stories of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Zakat – A brief study

Holy Quran Malayalam Translation

Sharh Aqeedat ul-Waasitiyyah

Essential Duas in the life of a Muslim

A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam

3000 Malayalam Hadith

Prayer for travelers

Dawa – Importance and Methods

Malayalam Study – Viswasini

With half bucket water

101 incidents from Prophet Muhammed’s(PBUH) Life

Sathya Sakshiyam

Towards Understanding Islam

Seeing good in all – Harun Yahya

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