General indication on ECG

ECG (2)Electrocardiography:-
It is the technique by which  the electrical activity of cardiac is studied. In which the electrical activity of cardiac is recorded on graph (electro cardio gram )by an instrument( electro cardio graph).

Electrocardiogram is the record of electrical activity of cardiac. Electrocardiograph is the instrument by which electrical activity of heart is recorded  on a graph .

It was discovered by Dutch physiologist , Einthoven Willem who is called the Father of ECG .

We all know that ECG stand for electrocardiogram , which simply mean that it is an investigation of cardiac. Now some question strikes in mind , that

  • What is it this?
  • What does it mean ?
  • What is the process to perform this investigation?
  • What does it represent ?
  • Does this investigation have any utility during practice  ?

The queries to the above has been tried to explain in a comprehensible way.

Our heart is an important (vital) organ and the function is to pump blood , to fulfill the need of body cell & remove the metabolic waste products at the same time. These functions are performed  through two phenomena:-

  1. Contraction
  2. Relaxation

During the period of contraction heart pump the blood while in the other phase blood enters in the chambers of heart . These two phenomena occur due to electrical activity  happening in heart . This flow of current in cardiac muscle occur in a channel which  is known as conductive system of heart.

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