Goals and Objectives – A Practical Guide for Medical Educators

Educational Goals and Objectives:  A Practical Guide for Medical Educators  [A module for FDP developed on the basis of discussions in MEU group, India in March 2012]

A teacher for a kindergarten class was trying to explain to her students the meaning and use of the word—ACCIDENT. She loved explaining by giving examples. After explaining, she tried to assess whether she had achieved her objective by asking the students— Dear children, suppose Monday morning i am run over by a car while i am crossing the road, what would you call that?

The whole class replied in chorus—Monday, HOLIDAY!

This is what happens when the objectives of the teacher and the student do not match!

Teaching-learning process is a challenge……..

Teaching- learning process for medical students is a greater challenge!!!….

In order to mould a medical student into a complete doctor we need to design courses/ curricula which are able to inculcate the learning we desire in them and ensure that the desired changes have been achieved [proper assessment] before they are certified to work on actual patients.

Thus the challenges are many——

Let us not feel overwhelmed by the challenges…

Because if we know where we want to go,  we are sure of reaching our destination  faster, without losing our way.

Educational goals and objectives help us in reaching our destination in the teaching-learning process.

After the completion of this teaching module the learner (here faculty) will be able to:

  1. Compare the terms- Educational Goals and Learning Objectives by listing at    least four differences between them.
  2.  Explain the significance of having educational goals and objectives in teaching –learning process by listing their advantages.
  3.  Classify LOs on the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy and Miller’s pyramid.
  4. Discuss at least three disadvantages of LOs.
  5. Describe the process of determining Los
  6. Define the role of LOs in Constructive Alignment of learning process
  7. Write learning objectives using Mager’s, ABCD and Kern’s model for each domain of learning avoiding common errors.

This document is organized into seven sections each addressing one of the points listed above.

Download the full article :  https://www.onlinefilefolder.com/4s5peKlD3DH07h

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