Infant death after Pentavalent vaccine shoots vaccine fear

injectionCHANDIGARH:  M/s National Pharmaceuticals, based in Delhi, has been directed to immediately call back the unsold stock from the market and not to sell or use the said vaccine as the matter is under investigation

The death of a six-week-old infant following routine immunization with Pentavalent vaccine (easy five) in the PGI has led to apprehensions on the safety of 1,100 babies who were inoculated with the same batch of vaccine. 

The vials were to be exported by Panacea Biotech, a New Delhi based firm that manufactures them.

The baby died on April 24, within 24 hours of the administration of the vaccine.

All the samples have been seized by drug officials. “There were 1,800 such vials in the batch and we have found that 1,100 have been used.


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