Kerala hospital bars medical reps from meeting doctors

Pathanamthitta (Kerala): In the light of the ongoing criticisms of doctor-pharma nexus, a private hospital in Kozhencherry, has barred medical representatives from meeting its doctors.

“My hospital has become among the first hospitals to bar pharma representative visits,” Dr Ashley Mulamoottil, medical director and chief surgeon, Mulamoottil Eye Hospital and Research Centre, wrote on Facebook on January 28.

“The ethics committee of the hospital decided unanimously to disallow pharma visits to doctors in light of the ongoing criticisms of doctor-pharma nexus,” according to Dr Mulamoottil, who has more than 3 lakh followers on Facebook.

“We do not know if this is a step in the right direction or not, but this is what people seem to want,” Dr Mulamoottil further said, adding, “How this will prevent a nexus (if there was one) is beyond me… after all, we live in the era of telephones, mobiles and internet.” [Source]

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