Mumbai Doctor gets life imprisonment for raping patient in ICU

ethicsMumbai: Upholding the judgment of the lower court, the Bombay High Court has confirmed life imprisonment of Dr Vishal Baban Wanne (29), who raped a patient in the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Vashi. 

A division bench of Justice P V Hardas and Justice P N Deshmukh on September 21 dismissed the appeal of Dr Wanne against the order of the trial court, which convicted him for rape and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

According to the court records, at about 9.30 pm on October 16, 2010, the victim complained of low blood pressure and therefore, she was admitted in the Lotus Hospital, Vashi by her husband.

At 1.30 am, Dr Wanne asked the nurse, who was on night duty and suffering from asthma, to go from the ICU and take rest. Thereafter Dr Wanne closed the door of the ICU from inside.

At about 2 am, Dr Wanne came to the bed on which the victim was sleeping and pulled the curtains around the bed. The appellant then removed the oxygen mask, ECG connection and the saline drip. He also gave her a short acting sedative called Mezolam. He then started outraging the modesty of the victim. The victim, who was in a drowsy state, tried to resist and shout but to no avail.

According to the victim, the incident lasted about 2 and half hours.[Source]

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