PGI Chandigarh to pay Rs 7 lakh for medical negligence

PGI will have to pay the compensation within 45 days from the date of receipt of a certified copy of the order, failing which they will be liable to pay Rs 7 lakh along with interest at the rate of 12% per annum to the complainants from the date of filing the complaint, which is August 14, till its realisation, besides the payment of costs of litigation.

On July 17 last year, Anupama’s leg was crushed under a CTU bus. She was referred to PGI where it was decided that she would have to be operated upon with immediate effect. However, the operation was delayed for days. Reason: doctors had other “serious” patients to attend to. On July 19, she was taken to the operation theatre, but surgery was not done. The next day, infection spread to her body. She was diagnosed with gas gangrene and her leg was amputated. She was declared critical and put on ventilator, and on July 24, she died.

Observing that the “precious life” of Anupama, 17, could have been saved if doctors had not shown “carelessness in her treatment”, the Consumer Commission on Tuesday indicted PGI for “negligence”. The hospital was directed to pay a compensation of Rs 7.25 lakh to the kin of the deceased.

Recalling the days at PGI, she said, “For three days my daughter was not allowed to eat or drink anything on the pretext that doctors had to operate upon her. They did not even change her dressing. They were completely unprofessional in their approach. They never bothered to clean the wound before changing the bandage. My repeated requests failed to move them.” [Source]

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