Present situation of Homeopathy in England

uk5Dear Members, Colleagues and friends,

Firstly, I want to thank you all for an absolutely fantastic response to our call for a letter-writing campaign. Your efforts went way beyond our wildest expectations. Amazingly, almost all Members of Parliament were contacted and informed of our concerns about the future of homœopathy and our access to homœopathic medicines.

The impact was amazing and it is quite clear that we have raised the profile of homœopathy among our law-givers massively.

As a result of our campaign, other lobbying activity by representatives of the profession, and a meeting with the Under-Secretary of State for Health (Quality), Earl Howe, we have achieved a good result and strong assurances from the government.

Earl Howe informed representatives from the 4Homeopathy Group, representing the major homœopathy organisations, of which the HMA is an active member, that it was not possible under the current Medicines Act/MHRA consultation, to alter the classification of homœopathic medicines and Section 10. He stated that Section 10 could not be amended unilaterally by him. A completely new consultation, with uncertain outcome, would be necessary to change Section 10 and this could not be part of the consolidation process.

None the less, we have been assured by Lord Howe that the government does not want to alter the access to homœopathic treatments and medicines that we have enjoyed for the last 44 years. We were give assurances that we could continue to operate as usual and our patients could access homœopathic medicines as before. He informed us that he was in favour of patient choice and ensuring patient access to homœopathy as it currently stands.

We were given assurances that the current level of enforcement of the Medicines Act/Human Medicines Regulations will continue in the way it has done for the past 44 years with the MHRA not seeking to restrict current homœopathic provision & access routes.

We were also given assurances that, if difficulties were to arise in the future due to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 being passed without change, the minister offered to meet with us again to review the situation and possible solutions.

All in all, we can look at this as a significant result. We have achieved much positive raising of the profile of homœopathy thanks to your hard work.

Thank you.

Hans G Schrauder
Chairman, Homeopathic Medical Association

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