Qatar – Procedures for registering with National Health Authority

qatar1First you should register with the National Health Authority. They will call you for 7 days training. After that they will conduct an Examination which you have to pass with a good score. Once you are through, they will issue a license for two years,  renewable every two year through same process.

First, you have to go to your embassy and have those credentials and certificates authenticated–then go to Ministry of foreign affairs here in Doha, to have those credentials authenticated by the embassy–authenticated again by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.

Submit the requirements (CV,diploma,board rating/board certificate copies of seminars and certificates) and pay QR100 at the cashier. Wait for the receipt, as you need to present this when claiming the evaluation. It is going to take about 1 month or 25 days.

National Health Authority
The National Health Authority (NHA) was established as per the Emiri Decision No. (13) of 2005, to replace the former Ministry of Public Health. The Decision defined the main target of establishing the NHA in providing the highest possible health care to match the best in the world.

The NHA licenses physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and a range of allied health practitioners.

Allied health practitioners include but are not limited to psychologists, opticians, chiropractors, audiologists, paramedics, podiatrists, speech therapists, midwives, physiotherapists, dieticians, dental hygenists, and medical technicians. The NHA expands the types of allied health professions it licenses as new areas develop and are needed in Qatar.

Note that the NHA only licenses private health practitioners. It does not license health practitioners employed by the government

It is illegal to work as a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist or allied health practitioner without a license. It is also illegal to employ an unlicensed health practitioner, and both the owners and managers of health care organizations are liable. Offenders can be prosecuted through Qatar’s courts of law.

The maximum punishment is as follows:
Three years imprisonment
Fine of QR 10,000

NHA Examination Details
According to NHA physician is someone who practices human biological medicine and holds a primary  medical degree, such as an MBBS or MBChB.
In some countries (most notably the UK, India, and Pakistan), the term physician means a  specialist in internal medicine. However, the NHA uses a broader definition: the term  physician applies to all medical doctors.

Basic Qualification
All examinees must have a primary degree like MBBS, BDS etc. (BHMS will also be  included soon since active discussions are going on )
A graduate degree in medicine is obtained after a primary (or undergraduate) medical degree.

Examination fee
The examination fee is QR 100, and it is not refundable.
The fee must be paid each time the examinee sits an examination.
The examination fee can only be made in-person at the cashier located on the ground floor of  the NHA office building during NHA working hours (7:30-noon).

Centre of Exam
The location of the written examination varies, so be sure you confirm the location of the  written examination when you pick up your examination ticket. You will be informed of the  time and place of your oral examination once you have passed the written examination.

On examination day
On the day of your written examination, you should bring the following:
• Two pencils. They should both be HB type 2 pencils
• An eraser
• Your examination ticket
• Identification: only a Qatar ID card or passport are acceptable

On the day of the oral exam you should bring the following:
• Your examination ticket
• Identification: only a Qatar ID card or passport are acceptable

Examination ticket
Each examinee is provided with an examination ticket that confirms his or her eligibility to sit  an examination. It is an official NHA paper that provides the examinee name and photo and  the examination type the examinee will write. It also confirms the time and location of the examination.

Examination results are posted on the NHA website by examinee number (rather than name)  for the privacy of examinees.

If you fail the written component of the examination and wish to try again, submit proof of  payment of another exam fee to the NHA Licensing Department and indicate your wish to re-  sit the exam.
If you pass the written part of the exam and fail the oral part of the examination, you must re-  sit the written examination again before taking a second oral examination.

Number of attempts
Yes. Examinees are only permitted to sit the examination three times.

Website of NHA

Question or Comments
E-mail :
Phon: 4437111 :42

Applying for job
E-mail :
Fax : 4364316

Department Of Medical Offices Abroad ( In Qatar )
SHK.Hamad Bin Thamer Al-Thani
Director Of Medical Offices Abroad
Mobile : +974 1 552777
TEL: +974 4391061 / 4315582
FAX: +974 4414881
P.O .Box : 42 – Doha- Qatar

Source :
Department of Medical Office abroad. Govt. of Qatar
National Health Authority. Qatar


  1. Dear sir, this is HEENA ,completed Diploma in PHARMACY in INDIA last year,have come to qatar on visit visa.Iwant to rigister in NHA n write exams to get licence n practice here with a good job. Plzzzzz sugest me further.THANK YOU.

  2. Dear sir,
    I’m a doctor with master degree in ophthalmology and 20 years of contineous practice.Do I need to do any exam after evaluation of my credentials?.Thanks

  3. Respected Sir,
    I am a graduate in bds and have five months of work experience.i would like to know if i am eligible to write the MOH exam to be a licensed dentist in qatar.Also it would be a great help if you could tell me what is the minimum years of work experience that you ask to be eligible to write MOH exam.

  4. Respected sir, I am a bds graduate holder and have no work experience and wish to practise in Qatar. So i humbly request u to kindly let me know if there are any formalities to be cleared before beginning the practise. Thanking you.

  5. dear sir,
    i am a registered b.s pharmacist in the philippines and
    a haad/moh/doh licence holder in united arab emirate with more than 30 years experience in which 16 years is here in question is,can my license be converted to a pharmacist license in qatar? thanks a lot.

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