Homoeopathy Project ‘Jyothirgamaya – Balya’ bagged second best public health project award in International Ayush Conclave 2019

Ayush Initiatives of Nedumangad Block Panchayat Taluk Homoeopathy Hospital – Thiruvananthapuram – Local Self Government Department (LSGD) Project – bagged second in Internatonal Ayush Conclave – held on 15.02.2019

Implementing Officer Full Name : Dr. Mariayamma John, Superintendent, Taluk Homoeo Hospital, Neumangad, 8th Stone, Karakulam P.O. 695564

LSG Head: B. Biju, President, Nedumangad block panchath

M.O Full Name .Dr. AnilS.K, Former RMO & Member, Nedumangad Block panchayath Planning Committee

Nedumangad block Panchayat is situated in a remote rural hilly area in Thiruvananthapuram District. The main income source of inhabitants is agriculture.  Majority of public belong to either average or low income group who mostly depend on public facilities to meet their daily needs. To minimise the health issues among public which account for huge out of pocket expenditure, block Panchayat decided to develop  a sustainable health care model which is having minimal dependency on medicines.

With an aim to develop a model Comprehensive health care project which enable Optimum utilization of Potentials of Homoeopathy in Health care and effective Integration of AYUSH systems in a health care delivery a master plan is made under “SAMRUDHI” (Sustainable Agricultural Management and Rural Development Initiative). The projects comprises of integration of medical and non medical components. The pioneer project towards this was Jyothirgamaya Balya & Agnanawadi Jaiva gramam. These projects followed by Jyothirgamaya – Koumara , Amrutham Gamaya- Jeevana, Rakhsa( Cancer care project) and Vallam Nira


Broad objective

  • Sustainable improvement in health status of Nedumangad region specialty care for health issues of Vulnerable age groups
  • Addressing the nutrition issues of children in Aganawadis, thereby promoting a healthy development
  • Early detection and Prevention and control of the grave diseases.
  • Optimum utilization of public infrastructure of Aganawadis
  • Conducting IEC activities of Health Promotion
  • Promote Non fertilizer farming by promoting domestic and industrial farming
  • Analyze outcome through Social Auditing

Specific objective

  • Evaluation of present status of 163 Aganawadis in Block Panchayat
  • Access the health and nutrition status of 1500 children in respective  anganawadis
  • Early detection of disease condition and treatment
  • Health awareness of staff and people
  • Screening and awareness of school children
  • Cancer awareness  to the occupants of 54000 Houses
  • Promoting Organic farming
  • Promoting Healthy diet and regime

Mode of implementation

  • Medicinal
  • Implemented as a voluntary poilet project in 2016-17 and the working fund raised as sponsorship among LSG Members, Hospital Staff and Co operative Societies and NGOs.
  • Team of Homoeopathic doctors visited 164 Anganavadis and evaluated health status of children and Physical infrastructure
  • Identified cases were specially evaluated and parents were educated about the health condition and informed about the merits to Homoeopathic treatment and directed to nearest Dispensary or Taluk Hospitals
  • Patients with notified/ Serious diseases are encouraged to follow conventional treatment standards
  • In 2017- 18 Homoeopathic Home remedy kit were also supplied
  • Non Medical-
  • SAMRUDI-Sustainable Agricultural Management and Rural Development Initiative  to
  • Promoted healthy life styles
  • Promoted non fertilized domestic farming- Vallam Nira and Aganawadi Jaiva Gramam Project
  • Screening camp and awareness classes under Raksha and Jyothirgamaya Koumara projects
  • Peer group counselling and Support system strengthened
  • Yoga training to elderly and others- Amruthamgamaya Jeevana


  • Non Medicine dependent health care model successfully implemented
  • General health status of Anganavadi children improved
  • Impact of Homoeopathy & AYUSH on Public health intervention is established
  • Promoted Healthy lifestyle including Diet and regime
  • Quality service through the Aganawadis established
  • Integration of Different departments services
  • Created vast awareness about Services and Scope of Homoeopathy
  • Promoted yoga
  • Promoted distribution and sale Ayurvedic Herbal plants

Budget Details

No Project Year Amount
1 Jyothirgamaya- Balya 2016-17
2 2017-18 1
3 2018-19 0.5
4 Amruthamgamaya- Jeevana 2016-17 3.5
5 2017-18 5.666
6 2018-19 2
7 Raksha- Cancer Care 2017-18 5
8 2018-19 2
9 Jyothirgamaya- Kaumara 2017-18 1

IP/OP details of Nedumangad Taluk Homoeo Hospital

Year OP IP
2014-2015 19437 134
2015-2016 20953 169
2016-2017 21868 208
2017-2018 23488 244
2018-2019 27342 596

Scope of the project

  • Developed a health care policy with minimum dependence on medicine
  • Multiple intervention and integration of public service facilities  for sustainable public health care
  • Integration of AYUSH systems in a health care delivery
  • Optimum utilization of Potentials of Homoeopathy in Health care
  • Catered health care needs of 164 Anganavadis though Homoeopathy

Contribution to the public health interventions of AYUSH

  • Impact of Homoeopathy & AYUSH on Public health intervention is established
  • Created vast awareness about Services and Scope of Homoeopathy
  • General health status of Anganavadi children improved though Homoeopathy
  • Improved service quality of Homoeopathy dispensaries in the Block Panchayat
  • Integration of different public services department, the scope of AYUSH systems are widened
  • Promoted yoga in Elderly care and youth
  • Promoted distribution and sale Ayurvedic Herbal plants


  1. Due to a result of the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating a wide range of illnesses, convincingly over a period of time, the cost effective and safe Homeopathy is culturally acceptable to the Kerala population.
  2. A long-term strategy involving integrating AYUSH in public health system and optimum utilization of different government services departments is essential for a sustainable community health care promotion
  3. The idea of medical pluralism is to be encouraged where all the treatment systems vision and Mission should be integrative and participatory


Key component in Nedumangad Block Panchayat-   AWARD

1.Sasaakthikaran Award, Block Panchayat Award, Govt of India 2017

2.Best LSGD Award, Social Service Department, Govt. of Kerala 2017

Notes and references

1.Hand book on Anganawadi workers by National institute of Public cooperation and Child development

2.Performance of Anganwadi centres in Kerala, An evaluation and experiment to develop a model centre with community participation- Dr T. N. Seema

More details about the project 

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