Homeopathy General

Homoeopathy as a career

Dr Goutam Das  Today we would like to discuss our so called boring but most essential subject about Organon of Medicine. Before starting our topic, I would like to question all of you, do you […]

Homeopathy General

Acute Bronchitis and Homoeopathy

Dr Selma Varghese BHMS The lower respiratory tract, consisting of respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts, provide a passage as well as carry out gas exchange while the most distal zone, the respiratory zone, consisting of […]

Practice of Medicine

Thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy

Dr. Yashasvi shakdvipiya1, Dr. Noopur kumari2 Abstract:- Thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy is a very common problem now a days. The other systems of treatment may have the danger of maternal as well as foetal complications.  Homoeopathic […]