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Participate in Global Homoeopathy Marathon 2022

As a gesture filled with grace and gratitude to our Master Samuel Hahnemann on his birth anniversary- we at Enlightenment Education are announcing a 3-day marathon webinar series from 8th April to 10th April 2022. 16275+ Homeopaths from 50+ countries have already registered! Many […]


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Parasitology for competitive examinations

Pathology and Microbiology

Dr. Sabitha Vijayan BHMS, MD Trivandrum Parasites are organisms that infect other living beings. Medical parasitology deals with the parasites which infect man and diseases they produce. Human parasites may be either unicellular microbes – […]

Difficult words Old terminologies in Homoeopathy

Case taking and Repertory

Difficult words Old terminologies in Homoeopathy Dr Jagathy Murali.  Kerala Hundreds of  such words and terminologies explained Majority of the students and practitioners in Homeopathy experiencing great difficulty in understanding the meaning of old terminologies […]



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