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  2. Hello,
    My name is Johanna, and I’m an outreach manager. I would like to get the information about the possibility of publishing a post with a dofollow link on your website homeobook.com or inserting the link into existing articles.

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  3. Respected Homeopathy doctors,
    I am not an homeopathy doctor, but a veterinarian and an homeopathic believer and is applying homeopathy in animals, and we have got an association for holistic approach in veterinary medicine considering its advantages.. If you look back for about 7 decades it is not easy to study homeopathy in our country from a recognized institutions but many postal course was available in various sources. That is exploiting the advantages and safety of homeopathy and the situation. From that situation homeopathy in our country has grownup very fast and it has now have a recognition among many. But recently lot of professionals or other agencies are conducting free homeopathy on line courses even video courses for general public, the rationale of which cannot be understood. Is it either to satisfy our own ego, or to popularize homeopathy, which I feel is a misconception .Are we going back.
    The seriousness and respect for homeopathy that is having now will be lost as some among yourself may be creating a batch of (please excuse me if I am wrong ) quacks and the common men could not recognize between the learned and others, which will only spoil this beautiful system As per my limited knowledge there is not such a educating methods in any other medical systems, as I assume they realize the value of systematic education, and the value of professional standards. At this rate MD homeopathy or any other postgraduate courses will be waste of money and energy. Now even diploma in homeopathy has gone unpopular died of its own. All these are happening when homeopaths demand for a common platform for all associations of homeopathy in general (Reference: some of your earlier blogs In this media). I feel that homeopaths should be sincere and to their profession and patient.
    Excuse me if I offended any body,nothing personel.
    Dr Ramanbkutty.

  4. Dr.Ajith kumar
    Dear sir,
    Thank you for publishing UPSC and MD(HOM)previous question papers on your site. Your site is very helpful for candidates like me preparing for
    job. Thanking you,
    yours faithfully
    V.P Ajith

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