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  1. Experience the synergy of traditional and contemporary plant medicines at Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy. Under the guidance of Tibetan Amchi Physicians with over half a century of expertise in plant and mineral medical formulation, we offer a sophisticated range of advanced, natural compound medicines, specialized liquid tinctured infusions, and traditional Tibetan pill formulations. These products combine time-tested, lineage-based practices with the latest in plant phytotherapeutic sciences for optimal bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy, aimed at addressing a multitude of health issues.

    At Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy, we are committed to merging the best of ancient wisdom with current scientific advancements to foster balanced wellness and targeted healing. We invite you to explore our sanctuary of healing at jampha.com and set up a time for us to connect.

    We have seen your dedication to natural healing and believe our high-quality, natural remedies could enhance the wellness services you offer. It would be exciting to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. We are eager to support your work and help extend holistic healing practices to your community, creating advanced phytomedicine innovations together.

  2. Effective neutralization of the negative consequences of Covid-19 infections and the administration of anti-covid-19 vaccines
    The Covid-19 pandemic has been a civilizational disaster that Big Pharma has successfully exploited to amass mountains of ill-gotten gains.
    Administered to ill-informed people, “vaccines” caused many complications, and many people died from their use, even though all the pharmaceutical companies declared that these were experimental medicinal products.
    Our multidisciplinary medical team at the Lacology Foundation offers you an effective neutralization of the ingredients in these products, which remain in the patient’s body for years – it is not yet known how long.
    Send us your story on any of the popular messengers on the phone: 00359884777799 and we will quickly respond, at least to get specific information for your benefit.
    The price of our medical consultation is 49 euros, payable by PayPal. The consultation is paid for before receiving it, but we need to get to know your health status in advance.
    Your privacy is our top priority!
    Also if the covid-19 infection has harmed you, we will do everything possible with the means of modern medicine to get you back to a normal way of life.
    Trust us, hundreds of patients from all over the world have already done it, and you won’t be wrong!
    Nothing is fatal and things are subject to effective correction! The important thing is to react in time…
    With respect
    Dimitar Kehaiov
    Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field of clinical pharmacology
    Manager of the toxic-lactological foundation Lactologia

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