Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy

Rare mother tinctures in homoeopathy

Dr Tarishi Manjul Singh ABSTRACT Mother tinctures are extracted from different drug sources by various methods defined under pharmacopeia. This article has information about a few rare but effective mother tinctures used in practice. Mother […]

Homeopathic Materia Medica

Hippomanes –the horse madness

Dr Shalaka INTRODUCTION Hippomanes are Brownish/ Olive greenish, elastic formations that arise physiologically in Mares during pregnancy. One of the first references to the hippomanes in western civilization is given by Aristotle [Circa 350 BC] […]

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Acidum sulphuricum drug picture

Dr Ashwin G Navada ABSTRACT Sulphuricum Acidum, also known as Sulphuric Acid or Sul-ac, is a homeopathic remedy used for a variety of ailments. Mentally and emotionally, people who may benefit from Sulphuricum Acidum can […]

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The Pompous Veratrum

Dr Pavankumar R Kollurkar ABSTRACT A veratrum personality is always described under the sub-heading’s egotism, dogmatism, braggart, boaster, pompous, haughty, which are quite characteristic to it. This article is an attempt to understand the nature […]

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Unfolding Platina through miasm.

Dr Merlin Liza James Introduction: Metals are part of the mineral kingdom. They affect every vital system of the body. Metals are used as therapeutical agents. They are used for chemoprophylaxis. Greatly used in surgery […]

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Reality behind the masked Thuja

Dr Pavankumar R Kollurkar  ABSTRACT: A Thuja personality is always described under the sub-headings secretive, manipulative, delicate, low self-esteem, fixed ideas, delusions, which are quite characteristic to it. This article is an attempt to unveil […]