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Underrated remedy–cuprum metallicum

Underrated remedy – Cuprum metallicum (The Eternal Metal) Dr Shivakshi Bertwal Abstract Ancient Indians recognized the significance of copper and preferred drinking water from copper utensils. Copper, initially used in coins and ornaments in early […]

Homeopathic Materia Medica

The Rhododendron conflict – Snow rose

Dr Nethravathi. B Keywords – Rhododendron chrysanthum, Homoeopathy, Snowrose, Rhododendron-Conflict, Grayanotoxin, Ericaceae, Mad honey poisoning. Introduction – In Greek, the word “rodon” means “rose,” and the word “dendron” means “tree”. A few species have woody […]

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Rare mother tinctures in homoeopathy

Dr Tarishi Manjul Singh ABSTRACT Mother tinctures are extracted from different drug sources by various methods defined under pharmacopeia. This article has information about a few rare but effective mother tinctures used in practice. Mother […]