Study materials for competitive examinations in Homoeopathy & Medicine

  • Precise, self-sufficient & up to date study materials to aspirants of competitive exams in Homoeopathy,  Medicine and allied health sciences.
  • Systematically prepared by an erudite team of authors who had cracked many competitive examinations.
  • These notes provides a comprehensive outline to the essential content of the subject with summaries and tables includes both descriptive & MCQ type questions with previous question papers from various exams.
  • Acknowledged by several PSC,UPSC, MOH(UAE),MD(Hom) entrance toppers as the most dependable one

Dear Friends, If you have any study materials, please mail to us

If you have any study materials, please mail to us


  1. thorough knowledge homeopathy can be achieved get confused by reading all books again again confusion will be over cream comes at top, grand mothers used wooden churner to cream out butter, modern mothers say amul butter churned by machines is ok,olden times wheat atta was by slow speed grinding machine, new age atta made by machines at high speed grinding produces so much heat nutrients are lost.madhya pradesh wheat has reputation that it is desi wheat,americans gave us hybrid seed not rely on tips secrets in professional practice.some hard core guidelines be analysed,diabetic disease is by product of emotional disturbances over log pariod of time sweetish taste is hard core symptom and olden era homeopaths said this is stage covered by plumbum zinc met.churn out your own tricks.aconite is storm for motor nervous system constricts all blood vessels high heart rate hot skin are symptoms,belladona is next defense localisation of disease reaction rush blood to head produce red face desire to escape not be led by modern homeopathic softwares high speed churners can produce heat in mind of doctor more confused than the patient, this type Dorothy Shepherd described as blind leading the blind.

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