Ayush released essential drugs list of Homoeopathy medicines

To overcome the problem of availability of Ayush medicines in the public health system and facilitate the state and central authorities for smooth procurement of medicines, the department of Ayush has issued essential drugs list (EDL) of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy medicines.

There are 277 essential medicines in EDL of Ayurveda, 257 medicines in Homoeo, 302 medicines in Siddha and 288 essential medicines in Unani system of medicine.  It is expected to ease the accessibility of medicines in health facilities and streamline the management of medicinal supplies with meaningful use of resources in the central and state organizations.

The concept of essential medicines is forward-looking and important from the perspective of universal health coverage in meeting health needs of the people. Therefore, updating of EDL at regular intervals is essentially required to reflect various therapeutic options in accordance with the therapeutic needs of the populations due to varied prevalence of diseases and changing health seeking behaviour.

Relying on EDL-based procurement of medicines has the benefit of objective, transparent and need-based selection of medicines and optimal use of financial resources for health coverage. Inconsistencies in drug procurement can be easily curbed with reliance on EDLs leading to proper management of supplies and increased public confidence in health services.

Download the essential Homeopathy drug list with potencies by AYUSH :
Link https://files.secureserver.net/0sWQFx3gzDPK0M


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