BBC, WHO attack on Homeopathy- What to Do?

Dr  Sreevals Menon
Posted in August 2009

The news give clues on an extremely poor and negative appraisal on clinical acumen and professional instinct of Homoeopaths by WHO experts who indirectly hint at fanatic & blind homoeopathy practiced evading general measures when it comes to conditions like infant diarrhea. They believe that homoeopaths sideline/overlook all the accessory methods which has to fall in place in disease management.

The issue was probably triggered by the medical research students of UK as mentioned in the news who pepped up pushing the WHO to come out with statements injuring Homeopathy, when they were flabbergasted by the huge H1N1 preventive campaign across India in the past couple of weeks by most healthcare giants operational in Homoeopathy across the nation and so did the rest of the bigger players.

Not to forget that the genus epidemicus varied from town to town, clinic to clinic, doc to doc and btw homoeopathic organisations ! It was a surprise that many homoeopathic pharmacies and clinics at the major metros in India found it a huge opportunity gear for a commercial overdrive which was a pathetic development and am sure there is lot more damage to come in triggered from those !

We can only be happy that the Homoeopathic fraternity of Kerala did not contribute to the damage in H1N1 on the commercial angle as we think and act superior, But we need to genuinely introspect on the allegation regarding the general measures and make sure that all of us do it effectively associated with our therapeutic application. There are many times when we find our doctors ‘shrinking in’ as mere homoeopathic prescribers instead of medical doctors which they are expected to be, before being an expert on Homeopathic therapeutics and philosophy.

They probably do not believe that an average patient seek them for a medical consultation primarily followed by homoeopathic therapeutics delivered. In other words a true professional medical service using homoeopathic medicines is to be rendered and not a Homoeopathic service.

I think its time when Homoeopathy and Homoeopaths re-arranged priorities and get better aligned embracing the no-mans land of medical science which include the general measures and supplements which does not sync as medications of any system whatsoever, apart from effectively applying our gifted therapeutics. Else we might have to face worse allegations and find us cornered to extremely compromising situations like the present one on the world health stage which was triggered by our adversaries.

We, therefore irrespective of associations and class perhaps need to look at this like never before and much more seriously or else would have to cut ourselves a sober face getting used on the defensive ever after !

Please revert & let me know what u think about this.

Dr Sreevals G Menon
Mass Media OfficerIndian Homoeopathic Medical Association
Email :  [email protected]

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