Homoeopathy for healthy mother

Dr. Gurudev Choubey

This paper presented in the Govt. Bhopal Homoeopathic College as a Resource Person and the same was sent to the C.C.R.H.

1) Mother and child health care taken as one unit because-

During antenatal, fetus is part of mother
Child health is related to maternal health
Certain disease creep in up during pregnancy
After birth child is dependent on mother for (6-9 months)
Post Partum care is inseparable from neonatal and family planning
Mother the first teacher.

2) Main troubles during pregnancy in developing countries.

  • Malnutrition
  • Infection
  • Consequences of unregulated fertility

3) Antenatal care objectives

  • Maintain health of mother
  • “High Risk” cases
  • Foresee complications prevent them
  • Anxiety of dread of death
  • Decreased MMR and IMR
  • Childcare, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation.
  • Family planning
  • Under five clinic

4) High risk group are- care taken as it is risky

  • Elderly primigravida  Short stature
  • Mal presentation  APH, Threatened Abortion
  • Eclampsia, Anaemia  Twins
  • Stillbirth, IUD, Placenta (manual removal)
  • H/o previous caesarean section.
  • CVS, kidney, diabetes

The content of MCH can be moulded to the local tradition, cultures and environmental conditions.

5)  Problems coming to the mother

  • Stress At All Levels
  • Protective self defense-mechanism strained/ low
  • Increased susceptibility to outside influences
  • Exposure to cold
  • Change in temperature, diet
  • Infection with microbes
  • Disappointment
  • Sensitive remarks
  • Overwhelmed
  • May feel unable to cope with situation
  • Anemia
  • Predisposition To Diabetes
  • Psychological Issues


7) Reaction of mother
8) Complicating factors
9) Result

  • Unbearable After Pains
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Fever
  • Breast Complications
  • Lactation problems
  • Haemorrhage
  • Thrombosis
  • Start with Nux Vom-if vomiting is in the morning.
  • Ipecacuanha-continued vomiting.
  • If both fails then Pulsatilla (evening and at night).
  • Kreosotum- with sweetish water.
  • Cucurbita Pepo –efficient in the above complaint according to Allen.
  • In case where no other remedy seemed of any avail-2 glob of sulphur for 24 hrs.
  • Labour pain-spasmodic, distressing wants to get away from them, tearing down the legs, press upward
  • Chamomilla- anguish, anger with the labour pain.
  • At end of pregnancy this complain develops, some exercise, a change in diet, taking fresh water is helpful
  • Nux Vom –3 or 4 days-sulphur-Bryonia
  • Sepia is helpful (constipation, during pregnancy, pain in rectum, sense of weight in anus >stool.
  • Lyc ,alumina are much  efficient
  • Fainting fits without any cause –Ignatia(melancholy women,hysteric women)
  • If with that there is debilitating losses then the drug of Carbo Veg,China etc
  • Habitual constipation causes the complain
  • Puls,is the drug repeated for every 4 or 6 days(#blind haemorrhoids0
  • NV is the final choice, in coffee drinkers.

10) Minor complain in starting of pregnancy
Anorexia and strange tastes-Sulphur will do the job

11) Vomiting, nausea
12) Abdominal colic
13) Constipation
14) Fainting fits
15) Piles

16) Complains during pregnancy

  • Oedema- 6th or 7th pregnancy subsides.
  • Dyspnoea – last month of pregnancy
    • NV/ China- Flatulence, distention   after eating
    • Cough        – with spurting of urine- Caust, Aco.
    • Urinary      – Retention of urine- N.V., Puls
    • Toothache   – Try giving some keynote    symptom remedy-useless to give a second dose of the remedy.

16) Mental aspect- Sleeplessness, Convulsion, fear of death, moral emotion.

  • Sleeplessness- Bell, Chamo.
  • Fear of death- Moaning with apprehension of impending death
  • Apprehension- lest some misfortune should happen to him.
  • Apprehension of impending death
  • Moral emotion – opium-immediately (effect of fright an fear)
  • Bell- fright causes-Convulsion
  • Grief- Ignatia (Ph. Acid, Staph)
  • Violent anger- Cham.
  • Excessive and sudden joy- Coffea

17) Hydrometra

  • Stout lady with sulphur
  • Ars with swelling of legs, face and thigh
  • China-loss of blood, fleshy moles
  • Sulphur-promotes expulsion of moles
  • Morning sickness
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Chapped nipples
  • Phlegmasia Alba dolens

 Cantharis/cal carb   -expulsion of fetus -Milk fever

The favorable period of treating chronic diseases is during pregnancy as she becomes sensitive and exhausted.

Crosserio –has advised that sulphur for 6 weeks, after which dose of calc for 6 weeks under a strict homoeopathic diet and regimen. will bring you a happy child.

18) Miscarriage (efficiently preventable)

  • Predisposing/exciting causes
  • Some beginners imagine that medicine prevent miscarriage in any constitution as the repertories recommend, but the best way to treat is to investigate the patients, to cure her in all the constitutional troubles.
  • Hence the treatment of wholistic approach is applicable.

Drugs may be thought of –

  • Calc-profuse, premature, excess leucorrhoea, painfulness of breast, colic, frequent congestion
  • CAMPHOR-abortion during epidemic influenza, feeble constitution, catarrhal discharges, cold feeling

•  I -Threatened miscarriage (Hering)

Sabina-3rd month of abortion,-prescribe –3glob. For 48hrs during the week preceding the period when the menses ought to have set in –this has to be repeated until after the time when the previous miscarriages took place.

  • Sepia, Puls-chill aversion to drinking,
  • In spite of these where we cannot avoid the abortion then few premonitory symptoms are treated as below-
  • Arnica-blow with flooding of blood
  • Ipec-cutting colic, hemorrhage with nausea
  • Sabina-precursory symptoms during the first month of pregnancy with shuddering.
  • Cham-restlessness, anger.
  • Secale cor-womb is not active, passive haemorrhage.

19) During labour

  • To induce pain-Puls, Coff, NV.
  • Puls-one month of
  • Sometimes the pain continue without any development
  • During labour according to Herring, Puls. can change the wrong lie of the fetus position in the fetus

If the bag of waters has not descended then puls is the remedy

  • All things are going on normal, but the pains are too violent and the patients fancies that she cannot tolerate them-Coffea (nervousness, restless, overs sensitive)
  • Excessesive labour pain, too long continuation of after pain.
  • Dread of death with anguish and terror, primiparae who are attacked -Aco
  • The faulty passage like CPD is surgical one hence it should not be treated in homoeopathy
  • Falling or protrusion of the umbilical cord
  • The excessive tenderness of the vulva prevent the dilatation to facilitate -Coffea
  • The condition such as
  • Rigid os,-Act.Rac.
  • Wrong position of the fetus –Puls
  • Foetus, resistance of the neck-Puls (Hering II)
  • Pain regular but the bag of water is not descending-Puls
  • The head size of the fetus which is big –Puls or Secale in small doses can lead to the natural expulsion of the fetus
  • JAHR Says that child with enormous Head have been succesfully managed by him-case-cal/sul/sil(in consequence)
  • Inspite of pain the head is not coming the cord is short Puls or secale at every contraction works
  • Depends On The Constitutional Weakness,Transitory Causes such as Passion,Contrarieties-
  • Secale-feeble and cachetic women exhausted by haemorrhage
  • Puls-pain setting slowly with inactivity of the uterus
  • Opium-pain cease suddenly due to fright robust women
  • Puls-in spite of discharge of Amniotic Fluid no pain or slow pain
  • Some time disagreeable person, strong odors should be removed after which the labour will resume its natural course
  • Drugs like Cicuta,Cupr.Ars,Cham,Bell,Ver.Vir
  • Oenan.croc-<during pregnancy;puerperal eclampsia
  • Hyos-Spasm of pregnant women;puerperal mania
  • Convulsion-      1)Aco,Coff,Cham       2)Ign.,Hyo,Stram
  • Haemorrhage-3 glob.of Arn-every 30 min will remove danger
  • Puls-suppression of haemorrhage and evacuation of the uterine cavities
    • Puls/sec/platina/crocus/china/Ipec/sab
    • Crocus-black viscid,with movement of fetus here and there
    • Sab-characteristic labour pain with bright red blood

20) Difficult and protracted labour.

21) Absent pain-

Fainting,convulsion,(eclampsia,pre-ecampsia, danger sighn treated cautiously)

Placental delivery (retained placenta,adhesion of the placenta)

22) Perineum  care
Perineal rupture-the parts can be bathed with tepid arnica water
Crosserio-advices the application of strong mother tincture of Arn,for 6 weeks,it will heal the complain perfectly

23) Challenge before new mother
Physical exhaustion after pains & lochia
Trauma of surgery
Uterine changes
Realization of new life

24) Diseases during confinement

  • Prolapsed or inversion of the uterus-Drugs like that of NV, sepia, thuja, platina can be thought to be prescribed
  • After pain-Act Rac, coff, NV, Cham,
  • Scanty and suppressed, red and cold or emotion caused suppression-Aco
  • Suppression followed by diarrhoea, colic, headache, toothache-cham
  • Excessive and the colors is red then drugs of excess mens. Should be given like-china, secale and if white then treated as excess leucorrhoea drugs like that of puls, sepia, sulphur.
  • NV when the patient is indulged in coffee or alcoholic or heating beverages
  • With great thirst, intensive headache-Aco,
  • Breast becoming too much distended with milk-Bryo
  • Cessation of fever milk still continues to fill the breast-Puls
  • No particular treatment is required-good diet and regimen will return the strength
  • Flooding,excessive sweats-6glob. of china every 12 hrs
  • Falling of the hair prominent complain-effectively treated with sulph,Calc
  • Another inconvenience women suffer who have several children is an enlargement of the abdomen,vulgarly termed as pot-bellied mothers-treated by sepia,colo
  • Bell-bowels griped with claws or nails
  • Rhus-cerebral or typhoid symptoms-return of bloody lochia
  • Cham-caused by anger or exposure of the body to cold
  • Hyos-frightful visions or loss of consciousness, frequent discharge of blood, convulsion and spasm of in the throat
  • The patient becomes sad, sinister forebodings and shows a good deal of restlessness without any appreciable cause.
  • The delirium complicated with furious mania, nymphomania where in other cases we observe a deep, taciturn melancholy these things may last for 1-6 months and may have frequent relapses.
  • Cause of derangement-cold, fright, domestic trouble or other unpleasant, emotions, sudden, weaning, suppressed. Lochia, milky, secretion.
  • This can be easily cured –Aco(fear of death)
  • Anguish with thoughts of suicide,weakness of memory and intellect-Aurum M
  • Restless and uneasy nights,fear of ghosts,fright with desire  to escape or to hide herself,paroxysm of rage and fury.
  • Nymphomania –plat,sulp(forgets the names and words),Stram (with obscene gestures),hyos(furor,loss of modesty,desire to uncover)
  • Phlebitis-puerperal-All.Cepa
  • Panaritia in child bed-All.Cepa
  • Milk leg caused due to mechanical injury i.e. mechanical- Arnica

25) Lochia

Milk Fever-if the woman does not nurses

Restoration of health after confinement

26) Puerperal fevers

27) Mental derangement during confinement

Milk leg(Phlegmasia alba dolens) : Ham,bufo

28) Lactation

The Homoeopathic regimen prescribed by Hahnemann in his Organon is more particularly applicable to nursing females. A mother who avoids salt and young meat strong spices sausage meat acids and heating substances herb-teas, drugs, except such as are necessary on given occasion, in one word, everything that might injure the body and spirit of the4 child, and who contents herself in the place of all this with plain and healthy nourishment, will have the satisfaction of raising a healthy and vigorous offspring.

  • Agalactia-Agnus, Cal, Can, Thyroidinum
  • Ricinus –increases the quantity of milk in nursing women
  • Dysgalactia- Milk too serous not sufficiently nutritious-China/Merc
  • Milk coagulates easily-Borax
  • Child refuses to take milk without any appreciable cause-Cina,silicea
  • Milk turns sour readily-Puls
  • If the child vomits during nursing-Aethuja,silica
  • Galactorrhoea-involuntary flow of milk-Puls,calc
  • Due to this complaint mammae swells,becomes knotted-Bryo
  • Diseases of nipples-rat,graph,silicea
  • The Antimiasmatic treatment should be given to the newly married couples from Hom.units:I believe many genetic diseases may be easily prevented or modified.
  • This treatment of miasm prevents the genetic diseases.(maximum diseases of the newborn are genetic and impossible to treat in any system)
  • Hence free of miasmatic states free from genetic diseases and thus healthy child.
  • The turner syndrome 45XO is commonest abortus,it can be prevented by proper treatment.
  • Maternity centers-Latent miasmatic condition of the mother becomes manifested during pregnancy and according to the symptoms the selection of AMT is much much feasible.
  • But the vague treatment may cause abortion

Dr. Gurudev Choubey
BHMS. M.D.(Hom)National institute of Homoeopathy Materia Medica(Gold medallist)
Lecturer, Sophia homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,Mahalgaon,city centre,Gwalior-474011

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