Homoeopathy in Haemophilia – A project Work

Dr Tapas K Kundu

An attempt for the betterment of these Haemophilics

The working Team of the Project
Chief Investigator
Dr. Tapas K. Kundu B.H.M.S., P.G.D.P.C., M.S.

Dr. Mrs. Rita Kundu B.H.M.S.

Dr. Afroz Shaikh. B.H.M.S.
Dr. Samina Shaikh. B.H.M.S.
Dr. Sachin Patil B.H.M.S.
Dr. Amruta Khivsera B.H.M.S.
Dr. Harshada Wani B.H.M.S.
Dr. Priyanka Shah B.H.M.S.

Dr.Ajita Kamble  B.H.M.S

All Haemophilic children

“Reaching out to needy children, Showing them our love and care.
Is one way that God can use us,To bring hope in their despair”   – Sper
Helping through….…Our Hearts… Our Hands… and Homoeopathy 


  1. To fulfill the objectives of HFI i.e CHILD WITHOUT PAIN AND DISABILITY.
  2. To reduce the frequency of bleeding and subsequent reduction in factor infusion and dependency.
  3. Efficacy of Homoeopathic treatment to increase the compliance of the patient in non-bleeding stage- .
  4. To improve the general condition and tolerance of the patients.
  5. To find the cost effectiveness of Homoeopathy.


  1. Haemophilic patients do not undergo any medication other than Physiotherapy during non bleeding phase.
  2. Since Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole, i.e. spirit, mind and body, the scope of this therapy do remain in this phase also.
  3.  As Homoeopathy is very economical and today’s scientific world promotes interpathy research, so why not to use this golden opportunity for the betterment of these patients.
  4.  The drug proving protocol allows Homoeopathy to treat the patients from phase two medication, i.e. directly on human beings without undergoing the animal trial phase.

It is a double arm clinical trial under the umbrella of interpathy research aimed at improvement of the quality of life of the haemophilic patients.

  • First camp held on 21st December 2007 at Lifeline Hospital, Nashik.
  • Every monthly follow ups planned.
  • Case Report Format (CRF) prepared.
  • Patients were informed as per their contact details available from the register of Haemophilia Society, Nashik Chapter.
  • First Sunday of every month the camp used to be held at my clinic in upnagar.
  • The complaints of patients were recorded as per the CRF.
  • In every follow up the complaints of patients were evaluated taking in consideration the following points:-
  • Changes in the behaviour

General condition

  • Episodes of spontaneous bleeding, swelling or ecchymosis or any injury.
  • Bleeding time and control measures
  • Healing time
  • As per homoeopathic principles one month medicine given to all the patients.

Trial Period : 1Year (21st December 2007 to 7th December 2008)


SEX: Male

AGE GROUP: Our patients are within the age group of 6 months to 40 years

PURPOSEFUL INTERVENTION: Preventive & therapeutic.


  1. Selecting the population for study: Haemophilia patients of Nashik Chapter.
  2. Taking thorough case as per CRF based on Homoeopathic principles.
  3. Administration of Homoeopathic Medicine based on Homoeopathic principles.
  4. Follow up.
  5. Verification and Documentation of the data obtained.

6) Outcome

7) Statistics

8) Conclusion


 We have successfully achieved our objectives behind this project.

  1. Frequency of requirement of factor VIII and IX             reduced.
  2. By Homoeopathic treatment the compliance of patients in non-bleeding phase increased.
  3. General condition and tolerance of the patients also improved.
  4. It is cost effective.
  5. Above all the objective of HFI i.e CHILD FREE OF PAIN AND DISABILITY also achieved.

Points to be Remembered By Hemophilics :-

  • Don’t’t panic during the episode of any type of bleeding
  • Try to control bleeding by pressure immediately
  • Apply ice locally
  • Use local thrombostatic agents, HamamelisQ locally along with ice
  • Consult your doctor whenever necessary 

Thus it is rightly said, “Research is RE-SEARCH of the established or the partially established facts in altered situations”.

Dr. Tapas  K. Kundu B.H.M.S.(Cal ) P.G.D.P.C., M.S
Consulting Homoeopath and Psychological Counselor
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital
Ex. Senator, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
Consulting Physician in Charitable Homoeopathic dispensary,
Shri Ramkrishna-Sarada Ashram, Chandsi, Nashik

Download full paper : www.homeobook.com/pdf/homoeopathy-haemophilia.pdf

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