Humble Suggestion to Homeopaths across Globe

doctors (3)Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Dear friends,
I guess you all maintain the details of  your daily expenditure. On regular basis, we spend a lot for cosmetics, sun creams, fairness creams, baby oils, massage oils, antiseptic creams, talcum powders, soaps, toothpastes, hair oils, hair gels, perfumes, etc. manufactured by the multinational companies. Most of these items are used even by the classical Homeopaths among us (at least the soaps and toothpastes).

Have you noticed that a major portion of our money goes to these multinationals that are actually working against our system, indirectly by funding the skeptics behind the “studies” and media reports against Homeopathy.

So friends, this is the high time to decide whether to waste our money for this purpose or not. The best alternative is to use the above mentioned products manufactured by the Homeopathic pharmacies. Please remember one thing that the production of Dilutions is not profitable for the companies, because, if we purchase one 30 ml of a dilution, we can use it for a long time, for hundreds of patients!

So, it is our duty to support the Homeopathic pharmacies by at least using their common products. Need not use the patents and combinations (even I do not use it), but at least stop using the harmful products made by the multinationals and use our own products that are relatively safe. I do not suggest any specific product from a particular pharmacy; hence the choice is left to you depending up on the quality, reliability and availability in each area.

Friends, please remember that this move can also help our local homeopathic shops. If they get good turnover, they will be in a position to provide all dilutions in various potencies. How can we expect them to do the same without our support?

I do not say that we must suggest homeopathic products to our patients, but at least use the same for our own family.

Legal disclaimer: This is not to promote the sale of specific Homeopathic products, but to support the Homeopathic industry and the local homeopathic outlets.

Kind Regards
Dr Muhammed Rafeeque BHMS.
Email : [email protected]


  1. I fully support his idea. Let’s start from now to resist non-homoeo products and start using our own system’s products. If we (homoeopaths) do not unite, who else is going to fight for us? I have already started using our own products. Good luck Dr. M. Rafeeque.

  2. I appreciate the spirit behind this appeal.It is true that the certain sections of the mass media is governed by vested interests. It is high time to take care of the system of medicine.At the same time the danger to homeopathy is coming from inside more than outside.The homeopath’s tall claims,unethical prescriptions,compromising in the application of law of similars are increasing day by day. Let homeopaths also introspect themselves for the good of the science.We have to set right our home also at the same time. Wishing Muhammed Rafeeq all the best in his efforts. Nothing is impossible in this world. I will follow his advise. Thank you.

  3. What change can we handful of homoeopaths bring by boycotting cosmetics and toothpastes. Millions of tubes are being saled daily country-wide. Spreading message to the world regarding the law of cures is necessary for mass awareness, but this idea of Dr Muhammed Rafeeque is certainly not feasible.

    Dr.Kamal Bikash Majumdar
    BHMS, MO(homoeo),Santirbazar Hospital

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