NRHM in Kerala – Second Review Comission Report

The   three   branches    of  health   care   system   of   modern    medicine,   ayurveda and homoeopathy has acceptance in Kerala.

Three systems together have 27 11 institutions in  the government  sector. Out of the total institutions, 47% are under Allopathy and 53 %  under  AYUSH. There  are  115  Ayurveda  Hospitals with  2744  beds  and  747  Ayurveda  dispensaries. Hospitals include  14 district hospitals, one nature cure hospital, one Marma  hospital, one Siddha hospital, one Panchakarma hospital, one Ayurveda Mental hospital  and 96 government hospitals. During 2005, 207.7 lakh patients were treated in ayurveda  institutions and out of them 207.2 lakh were outpatients and 0.5 lakh inpatients. There are  14 Ayurveda colleges in  Kerala, of which 3 are in Government  sector, 2 are in private  sector  and  9  are  in  self-financing  sector.

These  colleges have  an  annual  intake  of  680  students for  BAMS/BSMS courses and  82  students for postgraduate courses. There are  31 hospitals and 525 dispensaries under Directorate of Homoeopathy. Hospitals include  14 district and 17 other hospitals. Total bed strength of these hospitals is 970. There are 5  Homoeopathic  Medical Colleges in  the  State, of which  2  are under  government  sector  and 3 are in private aided sector. Total annual intake for BHMS course is 250 and for PG  course is 60.

Private Medical Institutions
Kerala  has  a  vast health care  infrastructure  under Modern  Medicine,  Ayurveda  and Homoeopathy  systems  of  medicine.  In  the  health  sector  the  role  of  private  sector  is significant.  Under private  sector,  all  the  three systems  together have 12383  medical institutions.

The  total  bed  strength  in  the  three  main  systems  viz.  Modern  Medicine Ayurveda, Homoeo is 63386.  Out of it, 88% of beds and 37.35% of medical institutions are  under  Modern    Medicine,   33.53%   medical   institutions and  8.53%   beds  are  in Ayurveda.  Homoeopathy  institutions  constitute  24.97%  and  beds  under  it  are  1.26%.

There are 2440 1 doctors under private sector. The strength of nurses available for health care  services under private  sector  is 20 164, paramedical  staff consists  12910 excluding nurses.  In  Kerala,  one  interesting  aspect  in  the  health  seeking  behavior  of  the  State’s population  is that  a  sizable  percentage  approaches the  Private  sector  for  curative  care

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