Rare rubrics with meaning in J H Clarke’s Clinical Repertory

Dr. Ibrahim U. Mhaisker.MD(Hom)
Lecturer, Department of Repertory,
Yerala Homoeopathic Medical College, Kharghar, Navi-Mumbai.
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1. Adipsia – Absence of thirst or abnormal avoidance of drinking.
2. Adrenal neuralgia – Pain near or upon the kidney.
3. Angina Faucium – Sore throat from any cause, severe constricting pain.
4. Antrum of Highmore – Maxillary sinus.
5. Arachnitis or Arachnoiditis – Inflammation of arachnoid membrane and its subjacent space.
6. Ardor urinae – Ardor is the old term for hot or burning so hot urination.
7. Balanorrhoea – Balanitis with discharge or Purulent balanitis.
8. Bazin’s disease – Erythema induratum
9. Bereavement – Deprivation causing grief and devolation especially due to a death of a loved one. The period of grief and mourning following bereavement resembles clinical depression.
10. Blenorrhagia – Discharge from mucus surfaces.
11. Blepharopthalmia – Gonorrhoeal opthalmia.
12. Bronzed skin – Darkness in Addison’s disease.
13. Brow ague – Intermittent supra orbital neuralgia.
14. Catheterism – Passage of a catheter
15. Catheter fever—Urinary fever.
16. Chagre’s fever—Virus of Bunyaviridae, an agent causing bunya virus encephalitis.
17. Clairaudience – Hearing illusions of.Able to hear not discernable by ordinary means, a type of extraordinary perception.
18. Clumsiness – Awkwardness.
19. Consumptiveness – Wasting disease especially Tuberculosis.
20. Cynanche cellularis – Sore throat.
21. Decemetitis – Inflammation of Decemet’s membrane.
22. Dysmenia – Dysmenorrhoea.
23. Farcy – Cutaneous glanders, the more chronic and constitutional lymphatic form of glanders with thickening of superficial lymph vessels.
24. Fidgets –Restless.
25. Frowning – Wrinkled aspect of brow, expressing disapprobation or severity occasionally of deep thought or perplexity. Habit of expressing disapprobation.
26. Hospital Gangrene – Decubitus ulcer.
27. Innutrition – want of nutrition.
28. Knock- knee—Genu valgum.
29. Levitation – Hallucinatory sensation of floating or rising in air or Support system for severe burn victims, consists of bed in the form of inflatable chamber containing numerous outlets through which humidified warm sterile air is released at pressure sufficient to raise patient so that he is supported in sterile air environment.
30. Lisping – Parasigmatism or Imperfect pronunciation of s and z sounds.
31. Lithaemia – Excess of uric acid or its salts in blood or hyperuricaemia.
32. Melanosis – Disorder caused by disturbance in melanin pigmentation or melanism.
33. Mendacity – Quality of being mendacious or habitual lying, deceiving or falsehood.
34. Mendicity – Practice of begging.
35. Mental Alienation – Alienation refers to the condition with lack of meaningful relationship to others, sometimes resulting in depersonalization and estrangement from others.
36. Metritis – Inflammation of the uterus.
37. Mycosis – Any disease caused by fungus.
38. Panaris – Panaritium , Whitlow, Paronychia.
39. Phlegmon – Acute suppurative inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.
40. Pining boys – Low spirited boys, lacking boyish go.
41. Psilosis or Sprue – Falling of hair.
42. Reveries –
1. Rejoice, wildness or rage
2. Violent or rude language.
3. Fantastic or fanciful unpractical or purely theoretical notion or idea.
4. Day dreaming or lost in thought.
43. Rhinorrhoea cerebrospinalis – Discharge of cerebrospinal fluid through the nose
44. Rhinoscleroma – Granulomatous disease in mhich hard patchesn or nodules form on nose and nasopharynx due to Kleibsella rhinoscleromatis. Occur in Egypt, Eastern Europe, Central and South America.
45. Rumination – Physiological process in ruminant animals where they chew the cud and material gets regurgitated from their rumen for rechewing. eg: cow, sheep, antelope, deer etc,
Disorder of infancy with repeated regurgitation of foodn with weight loss, failure to thrive which develops after a period of normal functioning.
Periodic reconsideration of the same subject.n
46. Sausage – A preparation of comminuted beef, pork etc or a mixture of these either fresh, salted, pickled, smoked with salt, spices, flour and stuffed into a container made from an intestine or other animal tissue.
47. Scleriasis – Diffuse symmetrical scleroderma.
48. Scurf – Dandruff.
49. Spavin – Disease of tarsal joints of horse.
50. Steatoma – Steato denotes fat.
51. Tic convusif – Facial spasm.
52. Ticklishness – Titillation or peculiar disaggreeable sensation by light stimuli of skin accompanied by laughing.
53. Uric academia – Hyperuricaemia.
54. Vaccinia – Infection primary, local limited to site of inoculation in man by inoculation with small pox.
55. Varioloid – Resembles small pox and it is a mild form of small pox.
56. Veta – Mountain sickness.
57. Xerostomia – Dry mouth from arrest of salivary secretion.

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