West Bengal MD Homeopathy Organon Papers

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences
Part – II Examination, 2010 (Session  2007 — 2010)
Organon of Medicine – paper.I
Full Marks: 100                         Time: 3 hrs.
Attempt all questions 

1. What do you mean by the Nosological Diagnosis of diseases? Explain the scope and limitations of treatment based on Nosological Diagnosis of diseases.    5+10+10

2. Give a summary of the causation of diseases available in different writings of Hahnemann. 25

3. Explain the adjectives used by Hahnemann to describe vital force. Explain the evolution of its theory in homoeopathy. Give the view of some homoeopaths who did not agree with Hahnemann’s theory of vital force.    8+10+7

4. Write short answers on :  5 x 5

  • a) Intercurrent remedy with reference to the Organon of Medicine.
  • b) Importance of the history of domestic life in case taking
  • c) VI th  Edition of Organon.
  • d) Accidents in aphorism six of the organon.
  • e) Your opinion on the study of Materia Medica on the basis of group-remedies in homoeopathy.

WBUHS Part – II Examination, 2010 (Session  2007 — 2010)
Organon of Medicine – paper.II

l. What is symptomatic treatment? Enumerate the uses and demerits of the treatment based on the totality of symptoms. 5+10+10

2. What is a prescription? Enumerate and explain the angles of prescription in homoeopathy?  5+7+13

3. Define susceptibility. Narrate the factors which modify susceptibility. 5+20

4. Write brief notes on :

  • a) Necessity of antipathic medicine in practice.
  • b) IV”‘ edition of organon.
  • c) Clinical symptoms: its source.
  • d) Cognate.
  • e) Simple Substance
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