What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?


Dr Pawan S Chandak

Dear Colleagues,
I am happy to share you that as most prestigious International Conference were held in Country where Homoeopathy is second number of system of medicine practiced & used by peoples of India.

I agree more than 2400 delegates including BHMS students, PG students, Doctors, Academicians, Principles of Colleges, Govt Medical officers, research officers & scientist.

Even more than 70 overseas delegates were also present to attend this event.

But I have question in my mind that ‘What we learned from LIGA 2011’ ?
Did our congress was success?
If successful then what’s the criteria for judging it successful?

Reason should be excellent interaction between delegates & speaker, feedback received from homeopath in all session with good, scientific discussion?

OR as commonly we say ‘NUMBER OF PARTICIPANT’.
If number of participant judges the success then u might be right as more than 2400 delegates were present. But really all are practicing Homeopath?
But what I observed is number of participants were BHMS students then PG students, then Principles of colleges, Homoeopathic leaders then Clinicians.

Another thing how many participants were attending the scientific sessions or E-posters?
When we say LIGA was successful then response from the participants in various halls should be seen.

What I think Conference is not just the platform for meeting our old friends, having photos with them, enjoying ‘GALA Dinner’ with beautiful dances, even though our culture goes at back foot.

I think it should be positive interaction between Delegates & Speakers, Participants & E-poster presenters.
I am surprised to see there was excellent interaction in E-poster Hall than Scientific session for Oral Speakers.
The quality of scientific papers are very poor, even the selection committe may be biased.

Even cases in the Poster Hall was having excellent scientific base, scientific evidences like before & after photos, video, pathological reports etc. So there was good rush & positive interactions.

But then why rush was decreasing in Scientific session Hall from 2nd day – Delegates were busy in sightseeing, taking photos or may be ‘TOPICS in scientific session was not up to mark to attract the participants in the HALL’.

If it is the unique platform to unite all different thoughts, methods & theories together then why different schools in Homoeopathy or their main Speakers are not presenting their thoughts, works in LIGA ?

They have not invited or they are not interested?
But another thing I should appreciate that rush to Exhibition stall was good.

Many Exhibition stall was educating participants through demonstration, LCD display about their work, products & participants attending their exhibitions interestingly.

300 papers were selected for this conference & at the last moment some paper has gone for E-poster, some gone for Oral poster. There were some poster which was not in the list but at last moment has came in the list of ‘ORAL Posters’.

Yes some papers can be exceptions but what about that papers who were absent in the seminar at last moment change of papers from E-poster to ORAL or vice versa. I don’t want to take any individual names & it’s my personal opinion so you please don’t mind about it.

At the last again question comes what we learned from conference?

I have expressed different thoughts came into my mind.

But now it’s your turn to think, express & share your thought but before that please go through topics, subject & papers who were divided into ORAL/Poster.

Otherwise in future some will think this conference will be of some particular group & we are not part of it.

I apologize if by mistake I hearted to anyone’s with individual name, thought but it just my thought came from my mind when I am returning to my place.

Dr Pawan S Chandak
Email: pavanchandak498@gmail.com

Readers are requested to post their views here, which will be really useful in conducting future conferences & workshops.

  • nice comment.I feel bad about I am not informed by email about my papet approval, I did nt check it in website, its my mistake, any way i miss you all at LIGA.

  • DR.Rupali Dixit, New Delhi

    Dear Dr.Pawan,

    It is good that you have expressed your views. I also attended the LIGA 2011. About scientific sessions we can say all papers selected were not that good but some papers were really worth to read and attend. Interaction between speakers and delegates was not given sufficient time, but if you personally go and talk about your queries with speakers it gives benefits for future. I think it is platform to have idea about what is view of others on topic you are attending.Delegates from overseas were really good in their presentations, we interacted very well with them and will take their guidance in future too.
    I learned a lot from LIGA 2011 as researcher about publication of research article, How to present your papers, what should be methodology of research protocol, about HIV Nosode, use of folliculinum in females and much more.
    Finally it is gathering of Homoeopaths all over the world, you have to select what to attend and what to miss. I drafted plan before LIGA for attending which session and which poster. I tried well to attend accordingly.
    Overall It was Great experience to know what is going on around the world about Homoeopathy and what more needed from clinicians, researchers of India to proceed further in future.
    LIGA 2011 was Boost for Research IN HOMOEOPATHY!

  • Dr Amit Agrawal

    Let’s not be biased. Keep our mind open, like a parachute. A parachute works only when it is open, else it leads to destruction.

    All views are invited. A fair discussion involves both pros and cons. I am a homoeopathic doctor. Does it mean I am not eligible to point out the various aspects of my science and my practice? Let’s be open hearted, Dr. Gupta.

  • Dr Chittaranjan Kar,M.D.(Hom),Berhampur,760001.

    Welcome 2 LIGA 2011,but unfortunately I could not able 2 attend as came 2 know this in late. How where I am really interested in Scientific Seminars and papers presented & Discussed, hence pl. circular here the scientific session held in detail if possible its Adio Video image 2 comment properly.Thnx.

    Urs sincerely

  • Phani sundar SVN

    This is the reason why ‘internet’ connected Homoeo people should create a national body of Homoeopths and design, plan and contribute to conducting a ‘super seminar/meet/conclave’ where knowledge flow and success of Homoeopathy can be truly heard/seen, inspiring a million more. Mansoor Ali, you can do it sir,

  • Dr Ashish

    Dear Dr Pawan Chandak

    I read your article on the topic ‘What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?’. The points and questions in support of your statement was quite good and I appreciate you for this.
    However I personally do not agree with you and your views as far as this congress is concerned. I have also attended several seminars, workshop, conferences and congress (not only in Homeopathy but also in other fraternity of medical science). There is a great difference between these four – SEMINARS, WORKSHOP, CONFERENCE AND CONGRESS. And those who know the difference between these four will never raise any question as far as the success of LIGA 2011, New Delhi is concerned. I am sure.

    The 66th World Homoeopathic Congress 2011, as the name suggest was definitely a congress and was not a seminar or workshop.
    A congress is always a platform –of a formal meeting or an assembly of representatives for the discussion, arrangement, or promotion of some matter of common interest. The opportunities are given to the new young generation and budding people as well as the senior experienced one to share not only their views but to discuss on the theme as well as to spread the message to the community and the world.

    In the same way 66TH LMHI congress spread the message to the world that India is the centre of Homoeopathy these days with the theme of ‘HOMOEOPATHY FOR PUBLIC HEALTH’ the message was spread in the society also. We must appreciate the effort of the Organizing Committee members for their devotional work for the propagation of Homoeopathic system of Medicine not only in India but throughout the world and should feel the pain they have taken for the last few months, working day and night for the success of this congress.

    And of course PG & UG students from all across the country had participated in LIGA 2011, because they were eager to learn something new from the seniors, from colleagues and wanted to share their personal views with the speakers, researchers and practitioners. Yes, some homoeopathic politicians also attended the congress and their presence added worth to this congress, I am sure. These leaders are supporting Homoeopathy and Homeopaths too, because they are fighting for us from the Government for our better future. We have elected them by casting our votes through state homoeopathic council election and they are doing their work for the benefit of homeopaths. We should develop faith on them. Due to these people only, the new generation homeopaths are getting jobs in Public sector now a days. And so we should always appreciate their effort too.

    Yes you are true, some so called schools in Homoeopathy kept themselves and their followers apart from this Mega congress, just to catch attention, but they did not succeed in their effort, instead they are the big losers. No one can help if they are not interested in sharing their personal views in front of learned people, rather they are more busy in giving lectures and earning more and more from the seminars and workshops, that we see every day.

    Hope now you have more clear understanding with these views. Appreciating the effort of someone will always pay us in good sense And this was for the cause of HOMOEOPATHY and not the personal. Isn’t it?

    With regards
    Dr Ashish

  • Dear Dr Ashish

    There is no any misunderstanding. I am firm, honest & confident & clear with own views & thought.
    Some presentation was really excellent. But few means not all.
    I am simple Homeopath from a small town Parbhani not bound as a employee, organizers, sponsors, Exhibitors & or any school or group.
    There are lots of thing which raise questions. When you have made review score system for selection of paper by scientific committee then it should be transparent & it should be shown to everyone on website not individually after logging into account.

    There were some papers who were not in the list 10-12 days before conference that has been came in list of Oral papers directly.
    Is it was Research paper where final result has came at last time of date of conference.
    Here is scientific paper schedule

    Here is list of paper grouped into oral/ poster

    You can tally here & question / doubt raised transparency

    So Dear Dr kindly note these are my own thought & i am firm with it.

  • Dr Mansoor

    DR.Rupali Dixit has good idea/plan on How to attend a multidimensional or multistage conference effectively..Dear Dr Rupali..can you explain it a little bit

  • I fully agree with your valuable comments thanks

  • Ifully agree with your valuable cmment thanks

  • Dr Ashish Kumar Jha

    Dear Dr Pawan

    Dr Hahnemann in his book ‘Organon of Medicine’ in the Aphorism no:6, advocates about ‘The UNPREJUDICED OBSERVER’. With the prejudiced and biased state of mind we will never learn the new aspects of life.

    The answers of the questions raised by you are already there in your message. ‘You are firm, honest & confident and clear with own views and thoughts…….’.…so it means you can’t accept others views and ideas……….irrespective of good or bad………so much prejudiced and pre-occupied with your own thoughts that you are not able to accept the ideas and thoughts of others…..It is not good to be biased with one’s own ideas and understanding. So coming to the congress with such biased state of mind will always give the negative feeling about that. Isn’t it?

    You rightly said that some presentations were excellent, some good, and some not up to the mark. So, —‘Do you have all of your five fingers equal in your hand?’

    You are a great homoeopath (who told you that you are simple)……. as you are able to judge the new budding homoeopath without listening to them or without giving them the opportunity to speak at the social gathering.

    And always do remember that the congress is a group event (and never an individual event, as I have told you earlier) where many experienced people share their ideas and thoughts and participate in this social activity. Those who never worked earlier in a group or in an organization (either during school days, or in college or any such social gathering)or never organized such a big event, can’t feel the pain and effort of organizing such events,, and have no rights to explain their ideas on such type of social activities. You cannot bring success individually in such World class mega congress.
    The LIGA 2011 organizers tried their best to give opportunity to everyone without making any differentiation…….so what, if they received some good abstracts at eleventh hours…..they even published that in the souvenir and gave him/her a chance to present their research work publically.

    And Yes, you have right to raise question on the issues of review score system, but again these things were operated by the experienced team of doctors. And they were given the liberty by the organizing committee members to fix certain terms and conditions and criteria.

    For any queries related to the abstract papers and review score system, you may contact directly to Dr Manchanda at ligainfo2011@gmail.com.

    Last but not the least I appreciate you and your honesty to share your feelings to everyone through this popular Homoeopathic web portal http://www.similima.com. Special thanks to Dr Mansoor also as he is always guiding us with his great effort on daily basis to update the happenings of Homoeopathy…..

    with regards
    Dr Ashish Kumar Jha