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Second Hand Smoke Kills

Dr. Samir Chaukkar Second hand smoke is defined as the smoke which is exhaled by the smoker plus the smoke created by the smoldering of a lit cigarette. Second hand smoke is full of toxins, […]

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Homoeopathy and phobia

Dr Varsha V Sharma We all frequently come across the word ‘PHOBIA’ in our daily routine. There are various questions which arise in our minds related to phobia like, “What is phobia?, How does it […]

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HRES-Homoeopathy Software

Ushamadhavan Homoeopathic Repertorisation Software HRES is developed with an idea of making a simple but a good user friendly homoeopathic software. Science of Homoeopathy is like an ocean with unlimited length and breadth. One has […]

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Homeopathy First Aid Kit

It would be wise to keep homeopathic first aid remedies at home and carry them with you whenever you are traveling Wherever we go injuries and minor ailments keep following us and strike us sometimes […]