Self-assessment test in Organon of Medicine

exam19Self-assessment test in Organon Of Medicine
Dr  M  Manu Varghese MD(Hom)

1)  Birth place of Dr Hahnemann  (messein,gotha,leipsic, hettsedt)

2) Date of birth according to autobiography of Dr H  (april 10 1755,april 11 1755,july 2, 1843,aug 10 1779)

3) Father of Dr Hahnemann    (Christoff Hahn,Christian gottfried Hahn,Leopold Hahn,Sus hahn)

4) Name the person who helped hahn in school days  (Samuel of brookenthal,magister muller,von Quarin,duke Ferdinand)

5) Amount of money Hahnemann had when he left for leipsic   (100 thalers,30 thalers,20 thalers

6) Dissertation submitted by H  on leaving the princes school (on the effect of coffee,helliborism of ancients,on wonderful construction of human hand,)

7) Dose of cinchona bark which H took in proving (2 drachm ,4 dr,6 dr,3 dr)

8) Total number of medicine proved by H(99,100,109,90)

9) Doctor who crossed words with H on management of burns(Robbi,Dzondi,Maydey,Wehei)

10) Name of the first cemetery where hahnemann was buried(Le perche,mt marte,georgenthal,Torgau)

11) Name of the first wife of H( Anise,elsie,Melanie,henritta)

12) Jubilee of Hahnemann’s doctorate was celebrated in the year  (1829,1833,1835)

13) Hahnemann married Melanie at ripe old age of (80,83,85,88)

14) Army general who was treated by Hahnemann  (Schwazenberg,ferdinand ,napolean,duke of Saxony)

15) Insane person treated by Hahnemann  (grisselauch,stapf,gross,nening,klockenbring)

16) Number of years spent by H on the discovery of chronic diseases(10,11,12,13)?

17) First edition of chronic diseases was published in (1828,1835,1837,1838)

18) What happens when chronic diseases are treated with nonmiasmatic remedies(palliation,suppression,cure)

19) Physician who observed that suppression of skin disorders produce many other diseases( sydenham,paracelsus,hippocratus,Autenreith)

20) Mother of Psora (pthisis,tuberculosis, leprosy,insanity)

21) According to Christian junker suppression of skin disorder in sanguinocholeric temperament causes(Pthisis,renal calculi,piles,malignant ulcer)?

22) —— of chronic diseases is due to psora(1/4,2/3,3/4,7/8)

23) Oldest reference of psora is obtained from the writings of (Moses,plato,hippocratus,cicero)

24) Name the epidemic to which H refers to in the concept of chronic disease(small pox,measles,scarlet fever,typhus)

25) A half acute miasm eg ( small pox,cow pox,rabies,measles)

26) Two advices were taken back by Hahnemann mentioned in the preface of 5th edition.  One was the use of mild electric shocks the other was.

(i)   Using 2 successions instead of 10

(ii)  Using 10 successions instead of 2

(iii) Use of pitch plaster on back to produce it during

(iv) Use of tea in diet

27) What are called ‘morbi intercurrentes’.

(i)   Intercurrent remedies          (ii)  Antimiasmatic remedies        (iii)  Nosodes     (iv) Intermediate diseases

28) Meaning of ‘Cito’.

(i)   Safety                                 (ii)  Quickly                                (iii)  Pleasantly

(iv) With least amount of medicine

29) In a three fold complication of three chronic misaim which miasm is to be treated first.

(i)   Psora                                  (ii)  Syphilis                               (iii)  Sycosis          (iv) Tubercular

30) Greek word for Psora.

(i)   Garab                                 (ii)  Psora agria                          (iii)  Scabies jugis          (iv) Yalephed

31) What is schein symptome.

(i)   Mental symptom                  (ii)  Local syumptoms                 (iii)  Subjective symptom

(iv) Symptoms produced as a result of excess homoeopathic medicine

32)Who gave the name ’50 millesmal’ to the new method of dynamisation.

(i)   Horace                                (ii)  Gellert                                 (iii)  Boenninghausen

(iv) P. Schmidt                           (v)  William Boericke

33)“What influence can it exert whether a homoeopath adopt the theoretical opinion of Hahnemann on not, so long as the holds the principal tool of master and the materia media of our schools.  Whose words are they: (i)   William Boericke        (ii)  C. Hering (iii)  Richard Hughes                     (iv) Stuart close

34) Craving for Potato is a …………. symptom.(i)   Psoric                          (ii)Sycotic                      (iii)  Tubercular   iv) Syhilitic

35) Craving sweets is …………….. symptom.

(i)   Psoric                                 (ii)  Sycotic                                (iii)  Tubercular   (iv) Syphilitic

36) Aversion meat is ………….. symptom.

(i)   Psoric                                 (ii)  Sycotic                                (iii)  Tubercular    (iv) Syphilitic

37) Amelioration by natural discharge is ……………. symptom.

(i)   Psoric                                 (ii)  Sycotic                                (iii)  Tubercular   (iv) Syphilitic

38) Number of aphorisms in 1st edition (271,319,315,292,294,291)

39) English translation of 1st       edition  was done by (Wheeler,Brunnow,Charles  Dervient,Al Jourdan

40) Who wrote introduction to 6th edition by W boericke(Mahendra singh,James Krauss,Pierre Schmidt)

41) On which days of week did  Hahnemann devote himself to write 6th edition of Organon (Mon& Teus,Teus&Thurs,Thurs&Sun,)

42) Drug dynamisation was introduced in which edition  (2,3,4,5)

43) A person with scurvey comes in contact with  plague of levant .what happens (Epidemic does not affect,epidemic suppress the scurvy,it cures)

44) The first mode of employment of medicines as described in organon  is(homoeopathic,antipathic,allopathic)

45) Qualities of a prover are described in (72,80,126,288)

46) Aphorism which deals with best prover (144,145,141,148)

47) Aphorism which deals with characteristic symptom(148,152,153,154)

48) Aphorism which deals with local maladies(172,182,174,204)

49) Mania arising from liquors.What will be the management(placebo,appropriate nonantipsoric remedy,apprpriate antipsoric remedy,dietry regulation only)

50) Size of poppy seed globule as said in chronic diseases(200th part of grain ,300th part of grain,400th part of grain,100th part of grain)

51) What was the concept of propagation of cholera during the time of Dr H(Spread through water,through air,through contact)

52) Which is the first maxim of experience as said in medicine of experience(palliation,cure,wrong medicine,cure,suppression)

53) In scarlet fever epidemic Bell was given every – days  as prophylatic(3,2,5,6)

54) In scarlet fever epidemic –solution of Bell was given as prophylatic(strong,weak,medium)

55) Which observation is based on response of healthy person(7,8,9,10)

56) Life period of JT Kent.

(i)   1853-1931                           (ii)  1849-1916                           (iii)  1785-1864

(iv) 1800-1880                           (v)  1828-1877

57) Name the doctor who treated Lucy the 2nd wife of Dr. Kent.

(i)   Dr. Robbi                            (ii)  Dr. August Weihe                 (iii)  Dr. Kummer

(iv) Dr. Dunham                         (v)  Dr. Richard Phelan

58) Which is the work of Dr. C. Hering.

(i)    Domestic physician         (ii)   Therapeutics of fever

(iii)   Encyclopedia of pure materia medica

(iv)  A birds view of Hahnemann

(v)    Science of therapeutics

59) Name the medicine which was prescribed to Dunham by Dr. Hering which help him recover from his illness.

(i)   Arsalb                                 (ii)  Puls                                    (iii)  Lach    (iv) Lith carb

60) Dr. Hahnemann wrote preface to one book of Dr. Boennenghausen.  Which was it.

(i)   Repertory of medicines which are not antipsoric

(ii)  Attempt at showing relative kinship of Homoeopathic medicines

(iii) Repertory of antipsoric medicines

iv) Homoeopathic diet and complete image of disease

61) The word used by Trinks in his Annals to describe the provings of person. H

(i)   Hg                                      (ii)  Lg                                       (iii)  Ng

(iv) gN                                      (v)  Bg

62) Aphorism which describes about routes of administration in 5th edition is.

(i)   274                                     (ii)  290                                     (iii)  293

(iv) 288                                     (v)  292

63) Diet & regimen is described in.

(i)   § 158-162(ii)  § 245-249       (iii)  § 259-263    (iv) § 264-268

65) When do homoeopathic aggravation occurs in a posoric chronic diseases (psoric origin) when treated with antipsoric medicines (According to Ve) .

(i)   1st few hours                       (ii)  Varying periods till cure results

(iii) At the end of the cure           (iv) Varying hours for first eight to ten days

66) What is the appropriate management when accessory symptoms develop while beating acute diseases.

(i)   Antidote the remedy             (ii)  Wait till symptom picture become clear

(iii) Retake the case and add new symptoms to original symptoms and prescribe   (iv) Take coffee

67) What can happens when small pox occurs in a person with violent opthalmic causing blindness .

(i)   Small pox repelled

(ii)  Small pox suppress opthalmia

(iii) Small pox cures opthalmia and blindness

(iv) Both exist in their own parts

68) The most difficult cases to cures the incurables.

(i)   Psoric miasmatic cases         (ii)  Trimiasmatic   (iii)  Drug diseases   (iv) Syphilitic cases

69) In proving medicines are given to healthy persons in.

(i)   Large doses  (ii)  Moderate doses (iii)  Minute doses (iv) Single minute dose

70) The most efficacious time to administer medicine in case of intermittent fever.

(i)   Any time                             (ii)  At the height of heat paroxysm

(iii) During chill stage                  (iv) Very soon after the termination of paroxysm

71) The chief guide in selection of most appropriate remedy in intermittent diseases.

(i)   Medicine similar to the most prominent stage

(ii)  Medicine similar to all the stages

(iii) Symptoms of patient health during intervals when he is free from disease

(iv) Medicine suitable to his past do fever

72) After administering a remedy the patient became better mentally withnew few new symptoms.  What is your inference.

(i)   Indicated medicine good response (ii)  Wrong medicine

(iii) Partially indicated remedy   (iv) Response in a terminal stage of disease – prognosis unfavourable

73) The most suitable degree of minuteness for sure and gentle effect can be found out by.

(i)   Experience and experiment   (ii)  experiment and research

(iii) Accurate experience and careful observation of sensitiveness of each patient

(iv) proper case taking and miasmatic diagnosis

74) Which of the parts of body can be used as a route for administration of medicine.

(i)   Blood vessel                        (ii)  Skin                                    (iii)  Wounded skin   (iv) Nerves

75) In 50 millesmal potency 1 part of 3rd triturition should be dissolved in …………. part of alcohol water mixture.

(i)   100            (ii)  300           (iii)  500           (iv) 1000

76) 3rd edition of organon is known as.

(i)  improved  (ii)  augmented  (iii) improved and  augmented  (iv)  original

Answer Key

1.A 15.E 29.A 43.A 57.E
2.A 16.B 30.B 44.A 58.A
3.B 17.A 31.D 45.C 59.D
4.B 18.A 32.D 46.B 60.C
5.C 19.D 33.A 47.C 61.C
6.C 20.C 34.A 48.A 62.B
7.B 21.A 35.A 49.B 63.C
8.A 22.D 36.A 50.A 64.D
9.B 23.A 37.A 51.B 65.D
10.B 24.D 38.A 52.D 66.C
11.A 25.C 39.A 53.C 67.C
12.A 26.C 40.B 54.D 68.C
13.A 27.D 41.B 55.C 69.B
14.A 28.B 42.D 56.B 70.D
71.C 72.D 73.C 74.B 75.C


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