A case of Renal Calculi managed by homoeopathy

Dr Shahnaz Madiwale

 Abstract: A patient with obstructive calculus of size 5 x 4 mm in the lower ureter , presenting with complaints of pain in right iliac region extending to thighs with dribbling urine and painful Micturition reported in the OPD. Patient had not undergone homoeopathic treatment before. Based on the presenting symptoms Berberis vulgaris Mother Tincture was prescribed, which proved to be effective in the expulsion of the stone.

Keywords: Homoeopathy, renal stone size more than 5mm, Berberis vulgaris, pain in right iliac region.

Introduction: Renal stone or kidney stone is a solid, pebble-like piece of material that can form in one or both of your kidneys. Stones of less than 5 mm diameter usually pass spontaneously.  Stones of size 5-7 mm have a 50% chance of passage and those >7 mm almost require surgical intervention.

Case report:
A 25-year pregnant female of gestational age 6 weeks and 1 day  presented with acute pain in right iliac region extending to hips, frequent and painful urination with pain and sensation as if some urine is remaining after urination. Patient also experienced urging to urinate frequently with pain in lower abdomen (Right side) aggravating during urination and straining to urinate, with pain in thighs. These complaints were there since 10-15 days on and off.

Family History: No family history of kidney stone or any other systemic disease.

Personal History: She had the history of  drinking less quantity of water, due to pain she went to physician who advised her sonoghraphy, and in the report she was diagnosed of right sided uretric calculi taken allopathic medicine for the same but condition did not improved so came for homoeopathic mode of treatment.

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