A Lecture on Sabina

Dr Shiva kumar
Common Name; Savine
Family ;   Coniferae
Preparation;Tincture from fresh branches.
Clinical Conditions; Abortion; after effects of.Cystitis.Gonorrhoea.Nephritis.Retained placenta.Rheumatic gout.

Sphear of action;Sbi. acts as a widespread irritant, inflaming the pyloric end of the duodenum and causing patches of inflamation in other portions of the intestines,especially the upper intestines, the omentum and peritoneum (R.T.C.). obscure abdominal pain due to inflammatory states of the peritoneum.

The action of Sbi. on the generative organs of both sexes is pronounced. It produces fig warts with itching and burning of the external genitals, phimosis of the male,  swelling of the dorsum of the penis, gonorrhoea;

In the female uterine haemorrhages, and in the case of pregnant women, abortion.

Constitution; It is suited to : chronic ailments of women; arthritic pains; tendency to miscarriage; to the gouty diathesis. lean shrivelled scrawny hungry patient with dusky skin; she never takes on fat;is not robust.

In the mental sphere there is much irritability, hysteria, and hypochondriasis, and a peculiar feature of it is that music is intolerable; it produces numbness and goes through bone and marrow.(Causes weeping-Thuja,Aco, Nat.su,Grap)

Peculiar sensations are: As if she would fall. As if parts of temporal eminence were pressed. As if skin had grown fast in forehead. As if eyes would be pressed out. As if tooth would burst. As of a lump in throat. As if vomiting would come on. As if something alive in abdomen.

Physical Generals;

  • Drawing pains in small of back,from sacrum to pubes,
  • Hot pt, wants always open cool air even in cold weather(Pul)
  • Heamorrhages bright red coloured,partly fluid and partly clotted.
  • Desire for lemonoids.

Head; Vertigo with suppressed menses, Bursting headache suddenly coming and going slowly.

Female Sexual Symptoms;

  • The most important sphere is menstrual symptoms and its relation to uterine hemorrhage..
  • A striking feature in this drug as in a few other remedies is that the flow is liquid bright red intermingled with clots.
  • Menses too profuse too early last too long partly fluid partly clotted and offensive; flow in paroxysms; with colic and labor-like pains; pains from sacrum to pubes. Women who menstruated early in life.
  • Discharge of blood between the periods with sexual  excitement (Ambra)
  • It suits many cases in which the flow slackens up and remains away for a while and then labor-pains come on and an enormous partially decomposed clot is passed and this is followed by a bright red flow.This occurs over and over again.
  • Such a state comes on after abortion after labor and in dysmenorrhea. Accompanying the labor-like pains is a violent pain in the sacrum which shoots through to the front; pains extending from the sacrum to the uterus of pubes.

Another striking feature is itching shooting knife-like pains causing the patient to scream out shooting up the vagina to the uterus or up as far as the umbilicus. These two features shooting pains from the back to the front and from below upwards with hemorrhages are striking corroborations.

As a medicine to prevent abortion it is one of the first to consider because the symptoms we know are such as come during abortion and it is most useful after the membranes have ruptured or the ovum passed or when the placenta is about to be expelled It establishes the normal activities of the uterus so that it will expel whatever is left behind of these membranes. The curetting is never necessary with the homeopathic remedy.

Inflammation of the ovaries or uterus after abortion or premature labor.Violent pains through ovaries and uterus. Aching in the sacrum as if broken as if the bones would separate.

Copious hemorrhages accompanied by uterine colic. Contractive labor-like pains extending from back to pubes and great urging to urinate.

Metrorrhagia resulting from false plethora;women who formerly aborted; clotted and fluid blood; pain extending from sacrum or lumbar region to pubes with severe bearing down extending from lower part of back around abdomen and down thighs; blood bright red thin liquid; labor-like pains in lumbar and uterine region discharge of large clots of blood bright red coming in gushes particularly profuse on motion etc.

In old troublesome lingering hemorrhages starting up fresh on the slightest provocation Sabina will stop the gush the acute stage but it does not hold the hemorrhage recurs and then an antipsoric is needed.

Sulphur is very commonly the remedy but Psorinum though not laid down in the books for hemorrhages after Sulphur has exhausted itself will often follow for this oozing and frequent recurrence.

At another time during the climacteric period a woman is run down by overwork and much child bearing; she has repeated uterine hemorrhages of this character bright red intermingled with clots; pain from sacrum to pubes; she becomes exhausted and anemic but after a while she again builds up her face becomes plump and she becomes plethoric only to be broken by another hemorrhage.

Chronic catarrh of vagina with granulations copious leucorrhea. Bloody leucorrhoea,

This medicine especially suits gonorrhea in women.

It has all the wart-like excrescences found in Thuja and found in sycosis.

Sabina cures warty excrescences about the anus cauliflower excrescences gonorrheal warts about the vulva and about the male genitals.

It has the expulsive bearing down labor-like pains with the expulsion of large clots and copious flow but the flow is dark and offensive and after a short time it becomes thin and watery leaving a brown stain difficult to wash out; at times tarry copious and continuous as if the uterus had no ability to contract.

Atony of the uterus is a striking feature of Sabina.Retained placenta.

Belladonna; Belladonna and Sabina are the two most important remedies in abortion at three months.

  • Bell has the same bearing down pains; which expel a clot followed by a copious bright red flow.
  • But the Bell state is not like that of Sabina.
  • In Bell it is a hyperaesthesia oversensitiveness to touch and jar; the patient will not allow the nurse to jar the bed and the bright red flow is hot so much so that it is noticeable; in parts over which the flow passes are so sensitive that the blood feels intensely hot to her.
  • This is in keeping with the oversensitiveness of Bell. to touch light motion jar. If the physician jars the bed a scowl will immediately come over the patient’s face. Bell. has many pains not only shooting up but in every direction irregular pains and bearing down pains. They come and go like lightning appear suddenly and disappear suddenly shooting in every direction. 

Ipecac;In the uterine hemorrhages compare it with Ipecacuanha which has a gush of bright red blood fully as copious as Sabina but at the beginning of that gush before it has kept on long enough to produce exhaustion the face becomes pale there is nausea and a feeling of faintness syncope all out of proportion to the amount of blood lost.

Millefolium; produces a gushing flow but it has a continuous dribbling day after day a continuous flow of bright red blood.

Phosphorus ;is somewhat like Sabina.

It has a copious bright red flow which may or may not contain clots.The striking features are outside the flow.

There is pinched countenance extremely dry tongue and mouth; violent unquenchable thirst craving ice-cold water. The hemorrhage is bright red in a gush or continuous oozing.

Secale cor; The symptoms of Ergot last for years; it is another psora.

Large doses may kill the fetus and cause abortion but she will continue to bleed; the uterus will not contract when she most needs contractions. It produces a paralytic condition and this is the state we prescribe Secale for.

Compare; Crocus.s,Trill.p,Thalps.b

Male Sexual Symptoms;

  • Gonorrhoea ,thick yellowish discharge,
  • Phimosis,
  • Sycotic excrescence’s with burning soreness.
  • Hard (cartilaginous) swelling on dorsum of penis.
  • Sexual desire increased with violent continuous erections. 

Urinary Organs; Tendency to bleed from all the mucus membranes especially of the kidney bladder and uterus.

  • Severe suffering attended with inflammatory symptoms; bloody urine; inflammation of the bladder with continuous urging to urinate with the general aggravation from heat and the throbbing all over.
  • Nephritis,Cystitis,Urethritis.
  • Frequent urging to urinate,passes drop by drop. 

Much rheumatism and gout; gouty nodosities in the joints; they burn so and are so hot that the patient is compelled to put the hands or feet out of bed. (Cham,Med,sulp,)

Gouty cases especially when the constitutional state changes; an alternation; when the gout is present there will be no hemorrhages and when there are hemorrhages the gout will be relieved.

Sbi. is one of the remedies which affects the heels. Farrington says it is suited to “plethoric women who suffer from what they call rheumatic inflammation” of the heels. There is an “intermittent aching” in the solar part of the heels. Intermittence and a paroxysmal character are a leading feature with Sbi. Pains are paroxysmal and labour like.

Piles alt with pain in Limbs. 

Skin; Fig warts with intolerable itching and burning, exuberant granulations,


  • Worse; Least motion,Night,warmth,Foggy weather, Letting limbs down(Opp-Conium)Music.
  • Better; Cold cool open air.
  • Relationship;Complementary to Thuja.(Botanically similar,both are great anti sycotic medicines.)
  • Antidoted by Pulsatilla. 


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 Dr Shiva kumar,M.D(Hom)
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