A Study of Nosodes & Sarcodes in Homoeopathy

disease1 (2)Dr Mansoor Ali

“Whether derived from purest gold or purest filth,our gratitude for their excellent service ,forbid us to inquire or care”

The term is by Hering  

Derived from the Greek word NOSO – which signifies the prefix added to the word to form an idea of disease or indicating a relation to the disease
Compared to Latin word NOXA _ means damage

Alledy defines as “ the nosode is characterized by a pathological substance used as medicines prepared in advance and according to Homoeopathic methods of dilution”.
Fortier Bernoville : Specificity & immunity”

Definition “ The nosodes are some Homoeopathic preparations obtained from microbe cultures, from viruses, fungi, pathological secretions and excretions.
Sarcodes are medicines prepared from healthy animal tissues and secretions.

The nosodes are prepared in two ways, according to as they come from culture of microbes – simple nosode & complex nosodes.
The nosodes should satisfy some trials strictly, the first centesimal dilution and a fortiori, the following dilution cultured on different bacteriological grounds should not give birth to any culture.


1.Chronicity form
Resistance – to improvement by apparently similar remedies
Response – Poor response to a remedy
Rallying – the patient does not rally around
Recuperation – Recuperation powers are week
Repair – repairing process stalls

2.Sequela of infection
When there is progressive debility or vague, symptoms and uneasiness with no apparent cause, continues after a past illness – patient says never well since…

3. When best selected remedy fails to act

4. When there is paucity of symptoms

According to Dr. Fellger
“ It was absurd to claim that every disease could be cleared by its nosode,for after potentising the nosode ,we cannot be satisfied that it is in the same condition as when first taken from the diseased individual. Thus the syphilitic poison is composed of molecules, the molecules of atom. When the poison is potentised ,the essential character of molecule is undoubtedly lost, hence it is not the same substance any more.”

Albinism _ Albin (albino) Graecum album.white excrement of   dogs constipated of being ill of intestine.
Alveolinum – Pus of dental alveola
Balanorrhinum – mucilaginous fluid in gonorrhoea separated from the glands of the glans penis.
Boviluinum – Mocus fluid that flows from nose & throat of   buffaloes    during pest.
Brossuluinum : Syphyllinum brossuluinum- pus of venerian ulcer
Bupudopurinum – Mucus secretions of the mouth of the buffaloes who are ill of epizootic claudication ( scorbutic disease of the mouth)
Carcinominum – Secretions taken out of the cancer of the armpit
Cariosinum – Purulent matter of the bone carries
Ceruminum – Cerumen
Cholelithinum – Biliary calculi
Coenurinum ovium – Cerebral hydatid
Condulominum – Total condyloma
Coryzinum – Catarrhal mucosity
Coyinum equarum – Mucus of the lachrymal fistula
Dysentrinum – Anal secretions of dysenteric mucus
Emphyeminum – Pus of pulmonary vomit
Entero purinum – Entero helcosinum- ichorus pus of stools
Epihysterinum – fibroid uterus
Enterosyringum – Fistulae of ‘ Boyau_ culier’
Gonorrhinum – Spermatic liquid
Helinum – Foot corn
Herculinum – Foam from the mouth during epilepsy
Herpinum – Dry & humid pustules of herpes
Hipposterinum – Larva of oxy fly found in the great quantity in the stomach of horses in the form of bunches
Hipposudorinum humidum – Sweat of horses
Hipposudorinum siccum – Dust adhered to the sweat of  horses
Hippozaenium – Pus or mucus secreted through the nostrils of    horses suffering from humid morve.
Humaninum – human stool
Hydrophobinum – Saliva of rabid dog
Karkininum – The karkininum is discharged from glans   penis,lips ,nose, and uterus – the ichorus  pus taken from those cancers
Kynoluinum – Yellow mucus secreted through the nostrils & the eyes in the disease of dogs which is called craniopaste
Kynotacninum – Taenia of dogs
Kynotorrhinum – Pus from the ear of dogs
Lachryminum – tears
Leucorrhinum – White (white flour)
Lipittudinum – Pituitious fluid coming out of the eyes of men   in   opthalmia
Lumbriucinum – Ascarides lumbricoides
Masto carcinominum – Pus of breast cancer
Medorrhinum – Mucus secreted from urethra in gonorrhea
Meletinum – Black matters in bloody vomiting
Nectryaninum – Wood cancer
Nephropostemnium – Pus of kidney abscess
Nephrolithinum – Kidney stone
Meletagrinum – Eczema capitis
Odontosyringinum – Purulent matter secreted from the fistulae of teeth
Ottorrhoninum hominum –Purulent fluid that flows out of the   earsof Men
Ozaenum – Humors of ozaena related to carries
Parotidipurinum – Humors of parotid secretion after an Angin an  inflammation of the parotid
Pneumo lithinum – Lung stone
Pneumopthisinum – Pus of purulent phthisis
Podocloavinum – Corns of the sole
Prospopurinum – Purulent matter of the coetaneous pustules   of the  face
Pyonium bubonum, – Humors of bubo
Pyonium occulorum – Purulent matter secreted from eyes
Sudorinum pthisicum – Liquefied sweat of phthisis patient
Sycisinum – venerian wart of men
Sudorum pedum – Foot sweat
Ureninum – Sediment of urine of patients suffering from intermittent    fever
Varilolinum – Purulent matter of the lymph of pustules of variola of    vaccinated men

List of nosodes available in the market today
A.Nelson & company.73 Duke street .London  &  Staufes pharma.Germany

Ambergriesea (?)                       B.Typhimuricum
Anthracinum                             B.welchi
Anti colibacillary                       Bilharzhia
Aviare                                      Brocellinum
Adeniodum                                Coli bacillary
Adenoma prostate non malignant Calculus renalis
Arteriosclerosis                          Cancer serum koch

Bacillinum                                   Carcinoma bowel
BCG                                           Carcinoma rectum
Botulinum                                   Ca adno(colon,stm.blder)
Bowel nosodes                            Ca adnopapilaary(ovary,uterus)
Bacillus abortuns                         Ca,schirrus(Stm,lung)
Brucella melitensis                       Cataract (Immature/mature)
Bacillinum testicullatum                Cattle ringworm
Bacillus coli                                 Cholera
Bacillus dispur                             Cholebacillinum
B.freidlander                                Coryn.anaerobicus
B.Pyocynaceous( Pseudomona areuginosa) Coxakie

Denys                                        Leucoenchephalitis
Diptherinum                                Leptospirosis caniculae
Dpitherotoxicum                          Listerosis
Distemperinum(Canine)               Mycosis fungoidosis
Dysmenorrhoea(Polyvalent)         Melitotaxinum( malta fever)
Mongol nosode

Enterococcinum                        Mucobacter mersch
Eberthinum                               Myxomatosis
Empyema                                 Malandrinum
Epithelia syphilitica                   Malaria
Epivax                                      Mallien/hippozenium
Erisepelas                                Marmoreck
Flavus Melitine
Framboisinum                         Melitagrinum
Fish pyerogenicum                  Meningioo coccinum
Fleck fever                              Monilia albicans
Fox lung                                 Morbilinum
Fowl pox lung                          Mucor mucedo
Muco toxin
Gelbfieber(yellow fever)            Ocillo coccinum
Glanders                                Osteoarthritic nosode
Hafkine                                  Ozenine
Hydrophobinum                      Oncolico noosed
Hemolytic streptococci
Hard pad (eye/nose)
Hepatic leusinum                Parotidinum
Herpeszoster                     Pertussis vaccine
Influenza virus                    Pertusin
Influenzinum virus               Pneumococcin
Influenzin vesiculosis          Pneumonia virus
Polio vaccine
Poliomyelitis oral vaccine
Leprum                             Polypus nasalis
Leptospirae                       Paratyphoidinum A&B
Leusinum/syphillinum         Psorinum
Lac can (dog)                    Pyrogenum
Lac felinum (cat)
Lambelia intestinalisn

Quardruple nosode (bacillinum,Influencinum,Pneumo,Strepto)

Rubiola                                 TAB (typhoid A&B)
Rachileusinum                       Tonsilinum
Rheum A nosode                   Trichomonas vaginalis
Rous sarcoma                       Tub.aviare
Tub bovinum(Kent)
Tub pisces
Tub klebs
Schrrinum                             Tub denys
Serum anti leptospirae            Tub koch
Small pox vaccine(Vaccinum)  Tub roseri
Small pox pustule (Variolinum) Tub spengler
Syphillinum                             Tub testiculatum
Serum of yersin                       Tub marmoreck
Spengler                                 Thermibacterium fifidis
Staphylococcinum                   Tauleremine
Staphylotoxinum                     Typhoidinum


Vincents angina
Virus pneumonia pig

Yellow fever
Yersin serum

Vegetable nosodes  
Mucur mucedo
Malaria officinalis

Remedies made from healthy animal tissues and secretions.
Aranearum tela
Calc.ova tosta
Castor equale
Gadus morrhiva
Helix tosta
Lac.can (dog’s milk)
Lac def (Skimmed milk)
Lac fel (cat’s milk)
Lac vaccinum (Cows milk0
Lac vacc coagulatum ( Skimmed milk)
Lactis vaccini flocal(milk cream)
Oleum jecoris acelli
Ovigallinae pelliculae
Ovigelline testa

Sarcode derivatives….
Preparations ‘derived’ from healthy animal tissues & secretions.
Cholestrinum                     Pancreatinum
Lacc vacc cvoagulatum      Saccharum lactis
Lac vacc defloratum           Thyroidinum
Lac vacc flos                     Urea
Lacticum acidosum            Uricum acidum  

Epethelomine _ Extract of epithelioma
Schirrinum – Extract of squirrhe
Carcinosin – Extract of any kind of cancer.

Clinical researches are done by Foubister & Templeton
Carcinosin adeno stom – Adenocarcinoma of stomach
Carcinosin adeno vesic – Papilarr adeno ca bladder
Carcinosin intestinal comp – Intestinal cancer of different   stocks
Carcinosin scir-mam – Scirrhus of mammae
Carcinosin squam pulm – Pulmonary cancer

Dr Mansoor Ali BHMS,MD(Hom)
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut.Kerala

Download the comprehensive study on available nosodes & sarcodes : www.homeobook.com/pdf/nosodes-sarcodes-homeopathy.pdf


  1. Sir,
    I am a homoeopath. My sister (age 75) suffering from hip pain / CT scan shows L3,L4,L5,S1 degenerative spondylosis with end plate sclerosis. Can I use lumbar disc 6, 30 and cariosinum 30 along with other homoeo remedies ?
    Eagery waiting for your reply

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