A study on Miasmatic Evaluation of Hyperlipidemia

obeseDr Sheena K.N

Background: Hyperlipidemia is regarded as a highly modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease due to the influence of cholesterol on atherosclerosis. It results from genetic predisposition interacting with an individual diet & lifestyle. Any defect in the synthesis, transport or excretion of the lipids causes a rise in their level in plasma which becomes a risk factor for coronary heart disease which is one of the major cause of death in the present day.

Objective :

  1. To study the different types of hyperlipidemia
  2. To assess the role of miasm in hyperlipidemia and know the effectiveness of constitutional method of treatment which includes the miasmatic background of the individual.

A total number of 30 cases were taken randomly for the study. The cases with deviated serum lipid i.e. Cholesterol > 200mg/ dl, Triglycerides > 150mg/dl, LDL > 130mg/ dl or HDL <40mg/ dl were selected. For the assessment of the clinical status before and after the treatment, scoring was done which is mentioned.

The score before and after the treatment was considered and ‘t’ test was applied.

Among the 30 cases, a prevalence of hyperlipidemia was found in the age group between 35 – 45 yrs. Maximum incidence of hyperlipidemia is seen in sedentary working individuals. Sycotic expression was found to be dominating in both fundamental and dominant miasm. Constitutional treatment with general management showed effectiveness in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

This study provides an evidence to say that there is reduction in the disease intensity scores after the homoeopathic constitutional treatment with properly planned general management including diet and exercise. Therefore a combination of constitutional homoeopathic treatment and general management is effective in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Key words: Hyperlipidemia, constitutional treatment, general management, diet, exercise, serum lipid levels.

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