A Treatise on Homoeopathic Help, Research and Allied Work

“A Treatise on Homoeopathic Help, Research and Allied Work.” It has been published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany and is priced at 79 Euros.

Autor : Dr Prem Rawat 

This is an informative book on important health matters like AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, kidney diseases and others. It is of interest for doctors, patients and common people.

Writing articles started after having solved the mysterious fever, whom some were calling viral fever, others Malaria. This thing encouraged me to write other articles which got published under the heading of ‘Self-Help’ in an English daily; The Tribune published from Chandigarh on every Saturday.

These articles were edited by the concerned editor in such a way that public started taking interest in them. This continued for nearly 6 months. But some jealous people thought that I am doing all this for boosting my private practice, which was not so. By and by I started treating some of the puzzling diseases like the Recurrent Bronchial Diseases. Later on ailments like HIV/AIDS were highlighted in the same national daily and I started taking extraordinary interest in it.

Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, an apex body of Allopathic Research, under the instructions of World Health Organization and World Bank started taking cognizance of my work done on HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile author started getting all kinds of HIV/AIDS patients for their homoeopathic treatment. Like this, the work got bulky to take the shape of a book to be published in future.

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