Homeopathic Medicine on the Growth of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Tânia Aguiar Passeti*, Andrea de Andrade Ruggero, Leandro Ribeiro Bissoli, Rosimeire Navickas Constantino da Silva and Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca


Resistance to antibiotics became a major public health concern worldwide, whence new treatment are needed and homeopathy medicines used in pyogenic infection is one the options. In the present study we aimed to assess the effect of homeopathic medicines Silicea, Hepar sulfur, Belladonna and bacterial nosode on a MRSA. The medicine were prepared in potencies 6 CH, 12 CH and 30 CH in sterile 30% alcohol and tested on MRSA NCTC 10442; the following parameters were assessed: in vitro bacterial growth and in vitro bacterial growth in combination with oxacillin MIC; and all the tests were compared to controls 30% alcohol. In vitro growth of MRSA exhibited statistically significant reduction in the presence of Belladonna, nosode 6 CH and 30 CH, Hepar sulfur 30 CH and Silicea 6 CH compared to 30% alcohol (p< 0.0001). 

The combination of Belladonna or nosode 6 CH and 30 CH and oxacillin showed a statiscally significant reduction (p< 0.001). However the combination of Silicea or Hepar sulfur and oxacillin did not show statistically significant reduction. It can therefore be concluded that cultures of the MRSA treated with homeopathy respond differently to different homeopathic medicines. The results demonstrate that live cells respond in a particular way for different sorts of medicines and different potencies. 

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