How to advertise your clinic and get more revenue

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This article highlights targeted tips and materials for effective marketing of your clinic or hospital.

The average revenue of a recently started  Homoeopathy corporate clinic in Kerala is about 20 Lakh per month. Can you imagine how they achieved it?

Last three months seems to be an off season to many homoeopaths…but some fellows managed it effectively. How?

Private Homoeopathy practitioners across the country get more revenue than those who are working in Government or Public sector.

With economic pressures and competition for healthcare expenditures growing, hospitals and individual physicians will continue to look to advertising healthcare services as a means to increase revenue.

It seems like there is a new method of marketing tool available every minute nowadays. Between social networks, online advertisements, and daily deal sites.

Advertisements include any notice, circular, report, commentary, pamphlet, label, wrapper or other document, and any announcement made orally,internet or by any means of producing or transmitting light or sound.

Advertising through Internet
Just type Dr Mansoor Ali in   you can see hundreds of websites listed my clinic/profile

Type Dr Rajesh Shah in you may get hundreds of website listed his profile. He is treating patients from across the globe through internet.

Dr Rajesh Shah using the internet as a medium, he has launched over twenty web sites which talk about the role, scope and limitation of homeopathic treatment for various diseases.

You can place your ads through

  • All India Radio
  • FM radio
  • Local TV Channels
  • News papers
  • Newspaper Boy (distributing notices)
  • Cinema theatres
  • Souvenirs of local religious or pubic functions
  • You tube
  • Social Medias

Local/Regional Magazine : The more local the periodical is the better target you will typically be reaching. Some clinics tend to think bigger is better and will put an ad in their city’s largest newspaper.

Free listing available at

  • Just Dial. Com
  • Yellow
  • Med

Just type Dr Mansoor Ali in you will get many of my videos listed.

YouTube reaches more adults of 18-34 than any cable network.

Online video is on the rise.  Doctors should take note. More and more consumers are watching video online.  They are watching hours per week through smartphones and tablets.

Upload simple, informative videos that can be effective and not necessarily expensive. Videos can be produced with a handheld camera or even with a smartphone.

Google Maps
On entering Dr Mansoor Ali at directs you to my clinic location. 

List your clinic in Google Maps (which is free) so that clients can reach your clinic easily even from long distance.

Your own Website
Get a good looking but simple fast loading website with easy navigation.

Healthcare consumers are now better educated, more highly engaged and fully empowered to make their own decisions.

Clients should get all the information like your qualification, clinic location, hours of consultation a single click.

Personal websites are meant for self-marketing.
My personal website is

If you are not in a position to develop a website by spending Rs:3000- 5000 or above , you can get free home pages or websites from many agencies like Med India, Google Sites with limited but many features. But always better to have a unique URL (Your name or clinic name) for better marketing and SEO score.

Online consultation form (model) :

Patient education equals self-promotion
There has been a steady increase in the number of people coming for Homoeopathic treatment but majority of them are not ware of the treatment option in Homeopathy.Without targeted advertising, a patient may not know he or she can receive a good quality treatment – mouth to mouth publicity takes a long time.

Patient education in regards to public health issues, wellness and other health-oriented content is a good thing. But the vast majority of hospitals/clinics consider patient education from an advertising perspective as “educating” consumers about the services they offer, and/or why those services are different or better than other choices in the market.

You can participate in TV talks – creating awareness about homoeopathy and various disease conditions – that will definitely directs you more patients.

Facts about Social Medias

  • Millions websites have integrated with Facebook.
  • 80% of users prefer to connect to brands on Facebook
  • 25% of Facebook users check their account at least five times per day.

The strength and power of Social media and the various platforms and sites and how consumers utilize online social media can become almost too much to get your arms around.

The most effective digital marketing strategy would utilize both search and social to their maximum potential. Yet, the reality is that most doctors don’t have the necessary resources to do both effectively.

Paid ads are more effective than free advertisements. The best two options are Google  Adwords & Facebook ads .

Inaugural and anniversary function
Inauguration itself is a major opportunity for publicity.

Try to invite local leaders, religious and political leaders, media persons, neighbouring shop keepers etc. for the inaugural function. Giving maximum publicity at the time of inauguration itself gives  you more patients in the beginning itself, since mouth to mouth publicity takes a long time.


  • Understanding your patients is a key ingredient for successful advertisement.
  • Allocate at least 10% of your budget for advertisement.
  • Never expect an immediate return after placing an advertisement
  • Last but not least : Don’t forget about high quality treatment

Dr Mansoor Ali
Associate Professor, Govt.Homoeopathy Medical College.Calicut
CEO Homeobook


  1. It is unethical for medical practitioners to advertise in any form. The Medical Concil of India restricts individual practitoners from advertising. I would definitely like to know what CCH has to say about this.

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